Aspiring Nudist

Some information about me: I'm 19, Male from Australia and want to be a nudist but have a somewhat conservative family that wouldn't really understand my ambition.

I have wanted to become a nudist for quite some time now and have more recently taken to it. I started probably back in late November last year and have been doing it off and on this year. However my parents/the rest of my family would find it strange and probably make fun of me so I feel like I cannot tell them (to some extent). Whenever I am home alone I immidiately ***** down into my birthday suit and walk around strutting my stuff. But if I am home alone with just my sister I will walk around in my just my briefs. Recently I took a leap of faith when I went to the beach with my sister today and I decided that I would get nude, I had to be careful since it wasn't a nudist beach and I had to look out for other people around (luckily there was no one at the beach at the time other than my sister and I.) So I started off with my sister by stripping down to my undies my excuse was "I wanted to work on my tan" she thought nothing of it and I stayed in my undies for a little bit before getting comepletely naked. I took off my underwear and was naked for a few brief moments before putting my surf-shorts back on. My sister didn't say anything which surprised me. I got out of the water and walked back to my towel to put my briefs down before getting back into the water with my sister. In the water I waited a while before stripping down again and this time staying naked! It was exhilarating, I loved it. So I stayed naked next to my clothed sister for some time, we where in the shallow water so It was quite easy to see my penis etc. However she said nothing. After being naked for a while I asked her if she was bothered by it at all, she replied "Nah, it's okay. I barely noticed" Which I reacted to with mixed feelings. I was glad she was so blasé about it but I wanted her to be more interested in it at the same time. Maybe the fact that she has seen me in my briefs so much that it has kind of desensitized her to it? I faced her the whole time with my penis in full view of her but still no reaction. I am glad I did it and I loved it. I plan on being nude around her when it is just her and I at home alone and I hope that I can eventually convince her to get naked as well and enjoy the comforts of nudity.
guestman47 guestman47
Dec 8, 2012