Is It Bad?

I am a homebody, a hermit, and I'm usually okay with that. Sure I go out for school during the week, but I could spend my entire weekend inside watching tv. Sometimes friends invite me to go out with them, whether to parties or bars, but I never want to go! I always find myself making up an excuse to get out of it. Is it bad that I love being inside more than going out? My family is always giving me hell, saying things like I need to get out and meet people. But its out of my comfort level. I often wonder if I truly just want to be inside, or if I'm scared of interacting with new people? Does anyone else feel the same?
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22-25, F
2 Responses Nov 25, 2012

I completely understand your desire to be inside (and continue to develop the relationship with your television) over the weekend. I am exactly the same way. My weekday routine is largely based on the fact that Jeopardy airs nightly, lol. :)

I'm Brett, you said you wanted someone to love you, in your story you talked about staying home watching t.v. your family telling you to go out & you saying that you want to stay home making excuses to your friends when they want you to go out with them "you want to be loved" right whal you need to go out for then you could find someone "when it happens you won't regret it" your young & being at home you have no chance to find someone to love you, you probably have been in love before if so you know how amazing it feels it's so worth it so this comming weekend make a promise to yourself that you go out with your friends even if for a few hours, I am now 37 I am not young anymore I used to do what you do it's easier to stay home & not risk being hurt asking someone out but don't let the years pass you by & then live in regret once those young years are gone you will regret it I promise. Go out & let yourself be happy you have nothing to lose don't let yourself live in regret time is never kind & it can go quickly as with your t.v. watch the re runs when your older "live today" don't regret"tomorrow" good luck Brett.