Im a Homebody Too!

I so love being at home too and often wish I stayed out of town as it would take the pressure off feeling like I HAVE to go places see people and do things!!

It would also stop people just 'dropping' in unanounced lol


31-35, F
2 Responses Aug 15, 2007

I live with my grown daughter and her 3 young children. I am surrounded by noise and activity all the time, so when I get the chance to have time to myself, I usually go for it. Rather than go grocery shopping or out for a quick lunch on a weekend, staying home with peace and quiet is like a gift to me.

I work in the public arena everyday,as a makeup artist.Helping people feeling better about themselves and listening to their problems.By the end of the day,I want to come home and just relax,spend time with my boyfriend and play with my cats. After spending 16 yrs. of my life on my feet,I don't want to go out and stand at some club for hours. on end.Let alone shop at the mall I work at after I get off work.Homebodies Unite!