And I'm Lazy to Boot!

 I love my house, and I love being mellow! If I do go out, it's usually no more than a few hours, and then I get kind of drained and want to come home :D 

Opalina Opalina
36-40, F
4 Responses Jul 28, 2009

I often wonder if it was normal that I want to be at home ALL the time. I think the world is too crazy and draining and LOVE to be in my cave where I feel the safest! I guess I am not the only one.<br />
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When all our friends are out at the bars and hoopin and hollering it up, I find my comfort at home in my house with my husband and our two dogs.

That is awesome, :)

I agree :) I'm a HUGE fan of holing up and just kicking back! I love my cave :D

Being mellow is really cool and relaxing the world has to much going on, :)