So Near And Yet So Far

I always admired and craved for love, I always felt it was the most mysterious and fascinating force in the world, and was drawn to it inevitably. I spent many hours watching movies of my time, where hearts were broken, families were born, and the most famous faces of the industry were protagonists of all my young hopes and dreams of what life should be like. I read many books about romance, and felt my heart and hands get warm, and my heart beat fast when the lovers agreed to meet in the middle of the night, with the stars as only witnesses of their endless love, passion, and fidelity. I cried when they had to be away because of the war, or because one of them was killed by the angry father who found out his daughter was not a virgin anymore.

I fell in love once, I was a young boy and my head was filled with all these hopeless romantic ideas. That smile made my heart jump with joy, and I felt I was now living a dream come true, a life of ideals, and kind gestures, a life of romance and pleasure where everything seemed possible. My weak heart was broken once and forever, and it could never be mended. My head is still full of romance, but now it is lacking the link to make it come true again, and perhaps it is better that way. 

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5 Responses May 9, 2010

I never let it go beautiful meisje

Tes tahirbashir... how was it for you? Princess, my heart was broken 45 years ago...<br />
Thank you beneath the wormwood! :)

You have an incredibly beautiful soul.

I am sorry, poor dear... How long ago did you have your heart broken?

I can also trust on ur words and the rememberable time i had did not forgot from my life.