The Journey; In Search For Love.

A True Story. LIfe Changing and Happened to a girl who happens to be me. (i changed most names of the characters in my story just for privacy reasons) I hope you enjoy and contiune wanting to find out more about The Journey that Takes me 4 years to succeed. (please comment or i wont know to contiune writing or stop)

This is a story about a young girl who set out on a journey in searching for her Romeo, Prince charming, Frog prince, and Soul mate. We all were brought up believe young 13 year old girls will never fall in love so young and find someone they are going to be with for the rest of their lives. This Girl Had rough times figuring out what was better for her and what would hurt her. This Journey to find “the One” lasted all through her high school career. She got hurt and hurt others and had to learn how to survive in the dating world. this young girl did not even have a boy in mind to be her Romeo, but she was about to start a journey that was going to change her life, forever.

The young girl was always passionate about love storys and movies.anytime she could get her hands a sappy love story she would get it. . Her nameis Ashley, she was never the prettiest of the girls in her family, though she thought. She always believed her twin sister and older sister were the most beautiful and she had no chance. Little did she know that a young boy would soon let her know that he believed she was the most breath taking young woman he had ever laid his eyes on.

His name was Jordan, she met him through her mother. She went on a cruise vacation with her and his family. She was a very shy girl who did not know how to express her feelings towards anyone especially, boys. She still suffered from believing she was not beautiful and had very low confidence. During the trip she began to bond with the young boy Jordan. She started to fall for him each and every day. She would spend almost every night with him on that cruise. She tried very hard each and every night to be alone with Jordan and get to know  him even better. She would get only a few minutes usually but the last night on the cruise some how she ended up spending hours alone with him. Every single moment she would walk and talk with Jordan her heart would pond faster and faster. She could not control being so nervous around him because, she had never felt this way about a boy before and she had no clue how to react to such a unusual feeling. As the night started to end Ashley and Jordan starting getting into deeper questions besides “what’s your favorite band?” or “what’s your favorite sport?” and got into questions that had meaning. Jordan asked Ashley why she felt so left out in her family and she was nervous at frist but she began to get more comfortable as he grabbed her hand. She flipped but stayed calm and kept explaining why was the way she felt. She started to tell him abut how her parents didn’t understand that she was different than her older sister and her twin sister and thast she hated to be matched up to them because all she wanted was to be treated the same but in different ways and for different reasons. Jordan seemed to truly listen to Ashley and that made her feel good and that he really liked being with her. Ashley was really shy but she tried to get as close as she could so Jordan could notice she was falling for him. Ashley never had her first kisss and she was almost 14 and she had low self esteme because she was a late bloomer and her twin sister was always the one who got the guy so she didn’t know how to act arreound him. As the night went on then became more and more comfortable together. As they walked around the huge cruise ship Ashley looked down and she saw that Jordan was holding her hand. She couldn’t believe it  she stopped at the rail and as they were still talking to one another they looked into each others eyes and all of a sudden stopped talking and Jordan leaned into a kiss. The kiss wasa  gental open kiss and Ashley had no idea what to do and she accidently hit his tooht and she was so embarrassed she stopped the kiss and apologized. He laughed but he was not disappointed in her at all. The night was getting late and they had to get back to there rooms because the vacation was ending.
When Jordan walked Ashley back to her room her head was spinning she could not believe what had just happen to her. She was smiling the whole time and she was in shock and thought it was just a amazing dream. She couldn’t believe that the one thing she wanted more than anything finally had happened to her, she got her first kiss.

Unfourtuantly, After the vacation Ashley and Jordan lost touch and didn’t speak to each other. It was back when not all ternneagers had cell phones and texting wasn’t really big yet. But one day Ashley got news that Jordan and his family were going to her older sisters grad party and she was more extracted than anything. She had her 8th grade formal that same night  so she had to leave the party early and she didn’t think that he was going to be able to see him. She went to her dance and she couldn’t really focus at the dance because all she could think about is how she was so excited to see him and she didn’t even care about the stupid dance.

When she got out of the dance she  went back to her house and saw Jordan she smiled so wide. She was so happy she quickly went and changed out of her dress and went to talk to him. She was still really shy  and she just kept smiling at him and didn’t really know what to say to him beacese she didn’t know if Jordan had any feelings towards her and how he felt about the kiss that night on vacation.
She went to the bounce house and started talkin about the summer with him and how excited she was to be done with school and she was super excited to begin high school. She also wanted to know when they could see each other and he told her that his brtohers party was the next day and that he wanted her to come. She was super excited. She almost forgot that she had a concert to go to the next day and she wanted to stay with Jordan so bad she would have missed the concert.
When she went to his party they were really quiet and shy and talked a little but they both had no idea what to talk about. She kind of got embarrassed once Jordan was being funny and told her to dance to Michael Jackson thriller. She told him she knew some of the dance before but truly she had no idea about it. So she got embarrassed and left, after she left she had to go to the concert so she never even said good bye.
A month went by and she still hadn’t heard from him or she hadn’t contacted him. But one dayy her mother went up and told her they were having a party at their cottage and Jordans family were coming up too. She couldn’t believe the words her mother had just said she was so excited she couldn’t evne talk.
The next dday was the party and as a couple hours went by and taking what seemed for ever the family had finally arrived and Ashley had no idea how to react so she tried to stay calm as possible. As the family came in everyone said their greetings and then everyone went down to the lake. As the afgterrnoon went by

Ashley was still nervous bbut she was getting better.Jordan finally asked her to ride on the jet ski with him and Ashley quickly said yes. They went on the jet ski and all Ashley kept saying to her self was “I cant believe my hands are around his waist!” she was finally alone with him. The jet ski and flipped over and Ashley and Jordan ended up in the water, they laughed it off and then all of a suddoon they saw each other starring and then when they were about to kiss Ashley saw a noisey party member canoeing up to see whaat was going on. Ashley was  so pissed off that she didngt get her kiss but they got back on the jet ski and went back to shore. As the party was ending and Ashley started to get upset beacse her and Jordan had only been alone for a little while and she wanted to be with him longer to see if he wanted to kiss her again like before on vacastion. The party was ending and Jordan and his family were about to leave. Jordan called Ashley's name from down stairs so she went down to see what he wanted. When she got down there she was grabbed by the arm and in to his arms. He told her how happy he was to finally do this and then he went in for a kiss. Ashley couldn’t believe it, she was so happy but then he had to leave and then she didn’t hear from him for a while again.

High school was about to begin in a few weeks and Ashley got a phone call from Jordan and he wanted to know if Ashley wanted to hangout at his house before school started.She jumped with joy and gold him of course she would love to hangout with him. When she got to his party he had some friends over already, Ashley didn’t mind but she just wanted to be with him. They went and played volley ball for a while and then after that everyone went on the trampoline. When the mosquitoes started to bite everyone headed into the house. They all went inside to watch a movie and they all sat on the couches. Jordan sat by Ashley and went got a blanket for her because he remembered that she was cold. Ashley thought it was sweet of him. Then when the blanket went around them Jordan grabbed Ashley hand and they held hands under the blanket.Ashley didn’t care if it was just holding hands and not kissing because she really liked him and all she wanted was for him to like her and she started to realize that maybe he still liked her. After the movie Ashley and her sister  had to leave. The whole ride home she kept smiling and thinking about him she was so happy.

School was approaching very quickly and Ashley was excited but nervous at the same time. Ashley went over to a friends house a week before high school started. Her friend Katie told Ashley there was a church festival and her church and there would be a lot of people there and Ashley quickly got excited and wanted to go. Once they both got all prettied up they headed over to the festival. They got to the festival and Ashley recognized a few girls she saw from a volleyball camp from the summer and she said hello. A few minutes later Ashley was introduced to a few new boys that were going to attend kenowa hills. They were from catholic school so she hadn’t met them before. There were 4 guys, she didn’t care about the other three boys she couldn’t take her eyes off one of the boys. She was introduced to Matt Kost. She then fell, she thought he was absolutely gorgeous. She and Katie hung out with the group of boys  for a  while. Ashley was very shy and only said a few words to matt but she knew she liked him because she sensed that he was a sweet heart and he had drop dead gorgeous ice blue eyes that she couldn’t take her eyes off. She quickly realized she had no chance with him once a group of girls from her school had came over to talk to the new boys. She saw a popular girl named Alexis  talk to him and then a hour later heard a rumor that they liked each other. So she knew that she would never have a chance with matt ever once that ***** got a hold of him.
As school started Ashley began to attend the varsity football games. At the football games she would meet guys from the freshman football game and she quickly got excited. She was at the home coming football game and saw  matt, but matt wasn’t talking to Alexis anymore he was talking he twin sister Marie. She quickly became angry and so jealous. But she knew that it would happen because her twin sister always got what she wanted. So as the game went on she was stopped by a boy named Nick. He was a bigger guy but he had a cute face and he seemed nice. So she smiled at him and he happened to smile back. She kind of got happy but then started looking back at the game and new nothing would ever happen.
The next day was homecoming. She got all pretty and wore her new dress and got her mom to curl her hair. She went with a big group of girls and went to the dance. When they got to the dance Ashley was super excited. She never had the guts to dance like all the other girls but she started to slowly dance with some of her friends and started to have some fun. A few hours went by and a boy still never asked her to dance. Ashley was getting disappointed. She looked off to the side and then saw her twin sister fast dancing with matt. She was so jealous she basically walked as fast as she could go to get away from that image in her head. All of a sudden she ran into nick, she felt so embarrassed and started to walk away but he quickly asked her to dance with him. She smiled and said yes. They started to fast dance and Ashley had never danced like that with a boy before and she was nervous. And while she danced with him he got happy down there and she had no idea what to do but later she laughed. She started to slow dance with him and he started talking to her and told her that he liked her and thought she was pretty. The next day he texted her and asked her out. She said yes to him and then the next day at school she was nervous to talk to him and she only smiled and gave him a hug. They started to get a little bit more comfortable with each other  but Ashley was still not sure about him. She liked him a lot but she didn’t think he liked her. After a couple weeks of dating he broke up with her because Ashley  wouldn’t do anything else but kiss. She was very upset t but she knew she was begtter off but for some reason she still wanted to be with him. A Friday night Katie had a  hot tub party and nick and some friends came and crashed it and Ashley felt really uncomfortable so she got out of the hot tub. She went outside and she started talking to him. They started to argue and Ashley asked him why he was talkin to her and he said because he wanted to be with him and she I don’t want to be with you but then he grabbed her and kissed her. She pushed him away but before she could her sister saw it happen. The next weekend was  Halloween and Ashley and her friends and  Marie and her now boyfriend matt all desided to go to the haunt. The haunt was a  haunted house that is popular in their school. Ashley felt awkward being there with her sister and the guy she secretly wanted to be with. She kept thingkin to her self while they were in the line asking her self why she couldn’t get a guy like himor even him. Well the night went on and she saw them hold hands and she walked away. As they alll waited for the parents to pick them up 
Ashley and her ferirends left Marie and Matt alone. They were holding each other underneath a street light and thye both looked so happy smiling at each other and Ashley was with her friends goofing off singing just kis the girl even though she hoped that they wouldn’t kiss and thankfully they didn’t.  the next day at school Ashley got word that Matt and Marie had made out at school. She couldn’t believe it and  knew  she had to stop dreaming about him and let go. But About two weeks later Marie and Matt broke up. Ashley felt bad for her sister but she was truly happy about the situation because she felt that maybe she could some day try and be with him.

High school started going by really fast and before Ashley knew it , it was spring break and she went on vacation with Jordan and his family once again. She was excited because she had a rough freshman year with men aand couldn’t wait to see a guy she was with who actually cared about her. So the vacaion went on and Ashley was told by her parents to stay away form him because they didnyt want them to be a  couple becasue then they would have to keep a eye on them. So Ashley agreed she would but she couldn’t help for falling for him so she secretly would hangout with him through out the cruise. They went for a walk on the cruise again like the year before and he was so sweet and grabbed her hand stopped and looked at her and said “ this is basically the first time I kissed you and I would love to kiss you again and remember our first moment with each other”. Ashley started to smile and kissed him. The vacation came quickly and ended very quickly. As soon as she knew it they were back home.
Summer came and Ashley wanted to hangout with Jordan again and meet new people As her summer started Ashley for some reason thought about the boy who broke her and her twins heart, Matt. She put him in the back of her mind so she could go on with the rest of her freshman year, but for some odd reason she didnt want to stop thinking about him so once in a while she caught her self thinkin and woundering if he had feelings for her.But of course she knew a boy like that would never be intreseted in her so she once agian put him in the back of her mind.. Her summer went fast and she didn’t do much with any boys. She went on a double date once in the summer with Jordan and other than that she again lost contact. As she started to give up hope, the summer was ending and a new school year was just around the corner.

(sophmore year ) Will Continue :)

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im a sophmore too thanx n i hope ill meet my jordan soon :)