3 Days Of Valentines

So I have finally found the one after going through various crappy relationships, I HAD to make this Valentines Day special due to never bothering previously and discovering that I was indeed....A Hopeless Romantic!.

I gave him 3 days leading up to Valentines Day.

Day 1 - I bought him the cutest teddy letting him know that this was his present (it wasn't however)

Day 2 - Baked for 2 hours, I lovingly prepared shortbread hearts covered in chocolate and piped red icing onto them, which crippled my hands. He ate them in 2 minutes!

Day 3 Valentines Day - He didn't expect anything at all, little did he know, I'd spend most of my wage on a Official Football team shirt he'd gone on about for months, and had it customised with his name, I surprised him at work with it. He was literally like a kid at Christmas.

He brings out that Hopeless Romantic out of me which I never thought I actually had. Just goes to show, that right person brings out your best qualities =]
LauraNorder LauraNorder
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5 Responses Jul 18, 2010

I hope he knows how lucky he is. You sound like a wonderful partner.

=) me too after all of that effort!

:) okay, that's slightly better.. I'm glad it wasn't completely one sided :)

He bought me a Nintendo DSi, I'd been on about one for ages lol

And he gave you?