fleeting fancy

I am romantic in  the real sense of the word.. I love reading romantic novels, watching romantic movies, doing romantic poems and thinking of romantic things to happen..

I long to spend one night in a park sitting on a bench, just holding hands with someone while my head is resting upon his shoulder while we talk nonsense or silly things that can make us both laugh in such a moment when the moon and the stars are above lighting our heads...I would also like to watch a movie with him, with a popcorn on  hand and putting some to his mouth while he unintentionally lick my fingers and his arms just wrapped around me while we snuggle, sitting on the carpeted floor in a cozy hotel room and feeling the warmth of our bodies so close together...I Love to share a sweet romantic dance with eyes fixed on his while we just smile, never saying anything and let just our eyes and lips quietly do the talking...I want to be on a beach one fine day, our bodies stretched on the sand beside the seashore just holding hands, doing nothing just taking pleasure of the sunny day while the waves lick our bodies that can send tickle to our senses, then I will turn around, looking straight at him, my eyes seem to grovel with an intense stare, tempted to make such one endearing kiss..

But these are just one of the many romantic scenes which am toying in my mind because I hunger for romance. I long for it to happen and wish it might come true someday in a beautiful place, in a wonderful time  where I just could be myself to let loose...!

An anticipation which I wish would not be a futile fantasy that will only stay forever in my thoughts...It's really tormenting to be like this everyday, for being such a hopeless romantic,  who's so eager to make those dreams come into reality.
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me too

yes I would...hope the story in my mind materializes in reality. I would be glad to share it here when it happens.

You have described what goes on in my head. One of these days we shall experience it, then come on EP and tell all about it!

thank you..(wiping your tears)

That was beautiful (sob), just beautiful...(sob)...

well maybe yes maybe not...but I can dream and fantasize...thanks for wishing for its fulfillment :-)

thank you Mr. mark Twain...somehow, someday. somewhere in time I long for this romantic scene to happen with someone who can offer me not just romance but a love destined to forever.

This is music to my ears. I love this and I hope it happens for you!

ohh..thanks for the invite but if you're really 14, I am not a *********..hehehe

whew!..what a comment but there's a truth in it, I dare say.

hahhaha..yes, I live in fantasy and nice to know that we have the same share of it.

you write so good..i feel like you are writing my fantasy.it is good to know that, there are people in this world who share the exactly same fantasy .

ohh..thanks you did like my fantasy..I really fancy that to happen