I Get Off On Being Prince Charming

Is it romantic or just pathetic to just really like to take care of girls, like holding open the door and pulling out the chair and giving them treats?

My personal favorite Prince Charming thing to do is wake her up with a kiss.

There's also the part where I get this insane urge to go Chivalrous (tm) on women when I first meet them, always wanting to address her "my lady" and kiss her fingers.

I am pathetic, no?
PikeMinnow PikeMinnow
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5 Responses Jul 25, 2010

Not at all....better than Prince *******!!

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I know, it's really weird. I think it comes from hanging out with theater geeks all the time.

Not pathetic at all.. Most women love men who can do all of that romantic stuff and at the same time kick *** for her (if she ever needed it) .. So don't think its pathetic. Its actually appealing to most.

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Thank you for reassuring me. I'm sure there will always be doubts in my mind, but this helps.

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I recognize that since the 17th century is long gone, I have missed the boat here. I feel more like I just want to be nice to girls, and the Prince Charming (my alter-ego of... well... charmingness, I suppose) is a way of manifesting that.<br />
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I am not sure how the last paragraph of your comment is supposed to read... is is something along the lines of "not all women appreciate this behavior"?