Leaving The Tranquility Of Solitude......

I was strolling along a gray, murky isolated suburb on a warm summer night. My head was tilted upward toward the night sky in a dazed manner, as I stared up at the glistening stars which treacle round the glowing moon. I floated along the street, lost in a tide of my own curious thoughts. Washed away were my insecurities and a new sense of confidence breathed fresh through my fragile mind. The stars took on patterns and shapes, spun together like a completed puzzle. My eyes finally clicked to the jigsaw of the world, as a smile now shined across my once eclipsed face. I had finally found tranquility in the thunderous endeavor of love. Time to go make some cheese on toast!
inbetweendays inbetweendays
18-21, M
Jul 30, 2010