Is That Wrong?

I cried once when my b/f went out early on the morning of my birthday while I was asleep and bought me flowers, balloons, cake and a few presents. When he came home he told me to stay in the bedroom while he was busy setting everything up. When I came into the room, I started to cry. It was the most beautiful birthday I ever had. I cried for 20 minutes and he asked if I was ok, I said yes and that this was the most anyone had ever done for me. Then I kissed him.

Romance should never die! Guys should not be afraid to show that side to their woman.

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3 Responses Sep 8, 2010

If we only had a kind of replay button for guys. They do the one or two thoughtful things and then we hit the replay button when we need them to do it again.<br />
Don't worry LL63....most guys are like that! At least we know the thought is in there SOMEWHERE!!!<br />
Now where's that remote? I need to hit the replay on my hubby!

Hold on to him tight!!!!<br />
There are surely not many like him around.

wow... im happy for u.. wish i could exp. that too... ;-)