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Is That Wrong?

I cried once when my b/f went out early on the morning of my birthday while I was asleep and bought me flowers, balloons, cake and a few presents. When he came home he told me to stay in the bedroom while he was busy setting everything up. When I came into the room, I started to cry. It was the most beautiful birthday I ever had. I cried for 20 minutes and he asked if I was ok, I said yes and that this was the most anyone had ever done for me. Then I kissed him.

Romance should never die! Guys should not be afraid to show that side to their woman.

LookingforLove63 LookingforLove63 51-55, F 5 Responses Sep 8, 2010

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This was the only time he did this. Jump ahead to today and we are now separated. Men....please don't be embarrassed to show your softer side, we love it.

If we only had a kind of replay button for guys. They do the one or two thoughtful things and then we hit the replay button when we need them to do it again.<br />
Don't worry LL63....most guys are like that! At least we know the thought is in there SOMEWHERE!!!<br />
Now where's that remote? I need to hit the replay on my hubby!

Sadly it was the only time he has been that romantic. Nothing since then.

Hold on to him tight!!!!<br />
There are surely not many like him around.

wow... im happy for u.. wish i could exp. that too... ;-)