Letter To The One

Dear The one,


We haven’t met, but i feel a strong connection with you. You might not know it, but we are destined for each other.  We are soul mates.  You are the other half that will make me whole.  My day is filled with thoughts of you.  I dream of you every night.  I look forward for the day when you will sweep me off my feet, take me to a magical place and save me from my loneliness... my pain.  I long to surrender to your tight embrace, feel your warm breath and touch your face.  We will kiss tenderly and make love passionately.  I am deeply in love with you. 

But years went by and still there was no you.  I waited...  I searched... but it seemed that our paths won’t cross.  Sometimes, i wonder if you do even exist.  Why is it so hard to find you?  Are you also looking for me?   Why have i created such a wonderful illusion like you that i can only dream of ending up with you? 

Are you just an “Illusion”?   Aaahhh.... it pains me to think you’re not real.  So i’ll just hold on to the possibility that fate will take me to you... i’ll keep on hoping... We will find one another... You are the one... my only...

Eternally yours,

Hopeless Romantic 

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31-35, M
6 Responses Jan 28, 2011

Touched my heart with your words and left a silent tear there.....:)

I still haven't found my one and only... I hope you have found yours....

Thanks EverybodyNeedsACuddle for your appreciation... It would be nice to read too what you wrote. I wish too that you find what you're looking for if you havent found your "one" or if "the one" hasnt found you.

Thanks Mahal1023... I should follow my own advice. =)

I am aware that it could just be an illusion.. But it's a good feeling to think that someone maybe meant for me. Some may think it's false hope, but it is still better than not having any. I do wish to fully live my life someday... and have someone holding my hand as we walk the same paths together...

If you cannot find the ONE then you can compromise with something else..... there are people out there searching for the same thing as you are! You never know..... hope never dies..... things come and go.... and always there is hope.... hence we are still here and still surviving.....this is the purpose of life.... to live it as fully as possible and search a friend/lover to walk the path with you.

Give guys a real chance... you'll never know if he's the one until you do...