I Really Am

i can sit in an old park bench, watch a couple walk past. They  look to be in the 80's and they are holding hands. He stops to give her a little kiss on her nose and it brings tears to my eyes and i feel my heart skip a beat.

I am sitting in my old beat up recliner on a rainy Saturday. I have a quilt that granny made and I reading a romance book and the hero finally saves this sweet and wonderful woman. He kisses her for the first time and i am lost in the kiss myself for a good ten minutes.

I am watching TV and the commercial for engagement rings come on and i am lost in the moments of the couples saying "I Do" and suddenly i am whisked back to the moment when I said "I do"

Then i am at a wedding and I watch the happy bride and groom. My heart is filled with joy and love.  Their lives together is front of them and so filled with all this love and happiness. My heart can't contain these feelings and once again i am crying tears of joy. They dance that first beautiful dance together as husband and wife and the next page in their love story begins

i enjoy being a hopeless romantic,because i can appreciate all these moments.

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Let's hope a certain two people get back on track ;)

i agree completely... because my heart hurts for them both .. HUGS to you sweetie

Hei moonstar , Love is a beautiful feeling . Hope you'll get that story published again ,but this time ur own experience :)

thank you dreaneryoungman. you are such a sweetheart and I can't wait to hear about your romance and true love store.. hugs to you sweet friend

Hehehe softie.. :p

so are you-lol

Stranded7 thank you so much for your very sweet comment.

Lovely. Unfortunately, there are other forces extant. You focus on these moments, but innocence is a Victim due to it's unknowing. Often, you are observing the embers of remembered beauty; other times, these are about to become embers. Love is subject to law. Here is the law: attraction-repulsion. You can doubt, deny, but these electromagnetic forces are universal and uninterrupted. The moment two come together, the equal and opposite force is activated (repulsion). Doubt does not disable the four forces. Yin-Yang is a tension field (two uniting). Life itself is created from a 1% imbalance field. This is the area where the four forces interplay. Call love, it's opposite is immediately called into play (action). Perhaps you never noticed. The two must realize this and stand together against all seperating forces. Life is seperation, two opposing forces. Unioning instantly presents challenge to life. Life responds. What happens on the other side?

slayer you have brought up so many good points and have given me so much to think about. thank you for your wonderful comment.

Frank~ that is my feelings exactly. Two as one and feelings matter so much. Thank you for your beautiful comment.

I can understand your feelings completely. I too, am a romantic. Someone who believes this life is intended to be shared on every level of life. Where feelings matter and that even the little things are to be done as two acting as one.

The beauty of these words gave me tears.<br />
Very nice bunch of feelings, so sweet and romantic. Bravo!<br />
<br />

You are so kind my very sweet friend.