My Day Dre3ms

Q: You are my treasure, lover, fryend, brother, syster, eternynyty

A: We know. Am your everythyng. Do not ever leave me. You belong to me for eternyty. You are my arms and teeth. Am your voyce and soul.

Q: You are my everythyng. Wyll never leave you. Cannot leave you. Am yours and you're myne for eternyty. God wyll bow to our love my own self.

A: None shall come'n our way lover. Am yours and you're myne for eternyty. Our blood spells the traps but when we cut, souls shall create lust and bodyes grow rust.

Q: Lover, my own self; take my heart and eye thyne. And let us dyen togethr at our palace of neerehentyng love and lust, and blood and torture, for these pathetyc humans were agaynst our desyre, for desyre and love were the poewrfulesst of all energyes'f you can spell.

A: Ave, moy lyublu. We are kyllers'n love. You are my body my flesh my soul my destnyn. We dance together and watch the rest of sacryfyce. We are one and we are eternyty. We are anumber and more than 'nfynyty.

Q: You are but myne syght and mynd, yet my love belongs to my soul and my soul's not a human anymore.

A: Truth be told and my spyryt doth unfold.
Love me lest we kyll and eat.

Q: Love, eternyty.

Q: Wyll dye for you; wyll kyll for you. There's none other than me who would do such; there's none more deep.

A: Know, my love. We know. You needn't prove anythyng, am yours for ever. Forever.

Q: Want you wyth me no matter what. Over famyly and grave.

A: But you are Famyly and Grave to me, dearest.

Q: Would kyll everyone to save you my sweetest; my juyces; my lyfelyne; my blood; my spyryt; my soul; myself.

A: As would for you sweet heart. My own self. The reflecshun whych was always lacked. You are myne. *holds you close to share fluyds*

Q: As you are myne, beauty untold by words.
*shares fluyds of danger and love*

A: These fluyds whych touch you remark death and sadysm. These fluyds have tormented many lyves, yet for thee...

Q: Yet for me... they create, lyfe.
Akausal Akausal
Nov 15, 2011