One Magical Christmas

I knew when my friend told me that his family would need to postpone Christmas that I was going to do something stupid. He did tell me that that, of course, they would make sure we got our Christmas presents on time. We were rolling meatballs for a charity dinner, at the time, and I could see he was having a hard time. My wife and I were Godparents for both of the children, meaning we were there to help them with matters of faith. Belle was 12 at the time, and her brother Patrick was 8. We had asked them for their Christmas Wish List and they had kept stalling, and now knew why. They had hit the bottom that year and were barely getting by, something my wife and I had experienced more than once. But they were were worrying about making ends meet, and shiny packages under the tree were their least concern. The kids had waited before for a delayed Christmas celebration, and they would again.
And in the back of my mind I realized that this one year I was going to get one heck of a bonus. I knew it would be the last time for a very long time. My company was trying to retain people and being rather generous to those of us who had sweated through the years with more work, our pensions frozen, and changes in our health benefits. I looked at my wife, and gave her a weak smile. She shook her head as if to "no," but I knew I could not let the kids miss their Christmas while I was getting a bonus.
So when I got my bonus a few weeks later we took the list that Belle had given us. The girl had polled her parents and brother and put together a rather long list. The object was to give us a list where we could choose one or two items for each person.
So when we came over their house a few days before Christmas and brought in the gifts in large bags, the kids eyes lit up. Like 2 elves the positioned the gifts under and around the tree. I don't recall everything we bought, but they must have had close to 10 presents each. And on Christmas morning, as my wife and I were getting ready for church we got their excited phone call. They realized that we had gotten them every gift they asked for. I smiled, knowing that I had blown my entire bonus on them, and my wife and I had to delay our Christmas (though we did not tell them that).
It was one magical Christmas when we could give to those we love everything they wanted. It would never happen again. Was it worth it? Yes, every single penny worth!
viejopelon viejopelon
51-55, M
Dec 17, 2011