How I Feel

I feel in the future I will be looked at by people of the female gender who I grew up with as "the one guy I should have been with". I feel like this because in all reality,Im the super nice boyfriend type, I love to hang out with my girl and I love to do little cute things for her. I know how to be a gentlmen when the time calls for. I can be the sexy part and be irresistable. I actually LOVE to hear about my girl's day however it went(hopefully it went great). Im able to talk to people confidentally and get things done. I can be the "life of the party" if not Im certainly not the "party-pooper". Ive been told I can massage pretty well but I do know where Im good at. Mhm down there ;P. Im excellent in foreplay and thats where the women get most of their stimulation from ;).

Even if she's a gamer, I play video games too:D! Even if shes a party-girl,I love to party and know how to have a good time :o! If shes a good girl and into school,Im there for her and will be supportive. If shes a farm-girl,you better bet your a** Ill be right by her side. I used to live on a farm! There is just about no personality I cant handle.

I have a future comming my way once I drop the pounds and hop into the military. I will be a "somebody" in life. A happy somebody. I also plan to have a very large family,family oriented.

Right now I just hope those females would just open their eyes and see through the haze of looking for the "Hottest" guy. I mean Im not a bad looking guy but females these days just cant see it in the order of :
It grinds my gears to see girls in a bad relationship with a "hott" guy but dont want to leave. When I see this happen this is what I say,

"Its an emotion only women possess.Us men dont understand it.We'll never be able to understand.The closest word that seems to even come close to it is "stupidity".

Trust me ladies,the nice guy is the way to go.
The honest man is the way to go.
The man's man is the way to go.
The family man is the way to go.
The "hott" guy is NOT the way to go.
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You strike me as a very kind fellow. All the best of luck to you in your quest to find your...Princess, I guess.

Hi, I just read this story after you left an answer to my question. I used to date a guy just like you when I was 16, but I lost him. We were engaged and everything. I had to learn the hard way by being with a "HOT" Guy as you say, but I call it "BAD BOY" either way same thing. Now I'm so desperate to find what I had, there's no water at the bottom of the well. But one day, if I can catch a raindrop, or even a teardrop of hope, I'll know guys like you still exist, just really hard to find. I like the way you think<br />

Sorry you went through that. And yes men like me are still out there. A rare find to be honest. I honestly havent met another guy like me in person. Hope you get to find a good guy again though :)

Me too, thanks :)

People are just shallow.<br />
And btw, it's not only women who look at looks first...

I wasnt talking about guys though. It was strictly towards woman and how I feel. hence the title :)