....or So I Am Told !

When i was a little younger, my best friends mother, during a conversation on boys, asked about me. My friend then filled her in about my notions on romance and the reason as to why i didn't date. Explaining that i didn't wish to simply date anyone, i wanted there to be meaning. That i don't want to go from partner to partner. I just want to be with the guy i will be with. ( i was young and innocent, and firmly believe that its possible- which is something i doubt now )

I can't quite remember what the other thing my friend told her mother ( must have been about a crush or something) but her mother then smiled at my friend and told her that i sounded like a hopeless romantic !

When my friend told me the next day we were both very confused as i am the least girly, least emotional girl out there ! My friends used to tell me i was dead inside ( as a joke !) !!

To this day when i think of this i want to laugh !

fmhp fmhp
22-25, F
Mar 20, 2012