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The Things I Would

When I found "THE ONE" I always get from family members that I'm overly too lovey or I'm overly too caring but what is love if you don't give 100% well not even that but 1,000%. I give it my all && if it doesn't work then god has a different plan for me.

Anyways, I can't wait till I find that person I will be with forever. I can't tell you how many "ideal dates" "or scenarios for romantic times" stored in my memory.

I can't wait to spoil them with love, and with things that show them that I care, && that I listen. I really want to make sure that the person who treats me well, gets that back in return. I want to sweet them off their feet and hope that one day they'll never look another woman feeling the way they feel about me.

I can't wait to like do stuff like take them to their favorite field. No matter what it is, a baseball field, football field, soccer field, whatever and just go out in the middle && have blankets with a nice picnic of all their varities of favorite foods. && lay there watching the stores and holding && loving each other till endless amount of time.

I can't wait to have someone that I know will come home to me everynight. Someone I can cook a nice dinner for with candles and a nice bath running for them. Awaiting afterwards a massage from a long day at work.

Anyways, I just wanted to just write this. I guess after growing up and never seeing my parents effectionate I became a hopeless romantic. I just want people not even my love one to know that they are love. <3
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awww that was really sweet.. im sure you will make a guy really happy one day.. i hope the guy you meet will treat you the same way and will be on the same wavelength as you are..
i hope he will appreciate all that you do for him and that he doesnt take for granted all that you have to offer..
your story made me smile.. it gives people like me hope that there are still nice caring females out there..
good luck and all the best in your search :)

The most inportant thing in life is to do your best and believe that there is good in everything,so it depand on us to find the good person.Sure if we have the great heart,God will help us.As you iam 39 yeas old and still looking for a simple and kind woman who want to have a nice family and live in a simple way.Yes it's a big dream but a sweet one.

I am sure you will find your dream boy, who will love you and sweep you off your feet in the same manner you desire ... who knows may be even more. Pure love is quite rare to find nowadays. You have compassion, I give you that. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

My parents were the same way, they never expressed love for eachother and I probably have developed some sort of "hopeless romantic" tendancies. There are people out there who would LOVE a woman like you. Someone who isn't selfish and willing to make sacrifices for people they love.

Picnic on a sports ground? You'll be covered in ant bites afterwards ;) But that'll give you an excuse to nurse each other back to health :)

I will love to find someone like you!!!<br />
: )

awwwwwww There are plenty out there just like me ;) I sure hope you find someone who is exactly what you want out of love &lt;3

well , that person would be very much lucky to have u,not mentioning that you are a kind & sweet person - I hope i can be that person^^ .. your very sweet .just want to say it.

LOVE &lt;333 Your sooo sweet and the same ccan be said to you as well XOXOXOXOXOXO I love you!

haha ... thanks love, i miss u so much ^^ iluvu . .

God transport me from where I am and put me with a woman just like AA.

Awwwwwwww =) Making me want to hide my face from blushing. I'm sure you will find her ;) ABSOLUTELY - who wouldn't want to be your woman!

Man, I wish I could have someone like this *fingers crossed for the day we both can have that feeling*

ABSOLUTELY **fingers, toes, eyes crossed** I hope that you will find someone who will treat you like you deserve ;)

That is so cute.. :D

Thank you sooo much. I think I got this from being single and watching others =) Sure hope one day I will be able to do this ;)

U are welcomed.. i have the same kinda plans for my "one" so i know how excited u must be.. i have a story of it too.. =)

Awesome story =)

Why thank you hun &lt;3 I hope one day you'll find your princess =)

Hey how are things going today? I hope your having a wonderful day and week. It's nice and sunny here so it's a good day. I just wanted to say Hi and that I love your stories. I think your very courageous and would love to txt back and forth sometime and be a EP friend. Have a great day and a wonderful week.<br />
<br />

I feel the exact same way! I want to give someone a 1000% love and recieve it back. You've said it so well :)

awwwww &lt;3 your great, thank you sooo much! I'm glad to have found someone who see it's like I do as well! I hope you get everything you want out of love&lt;3

this one reminds me of the following Celine Dion song line:<br />
<br />
"Don't give up on your faith; love comes to those who believe it, and that's the way it is"

This is this link to your bf as you are getting serious with him.

Lmfao hahaha email him this link. I'll be like ( see I was thinking about you before I met you) jk jk but no thank you. &lt;3

At least he know you are giving 110% towards loving him and damn serious about it!

Awwww.........kiddo you're sweet!!!!!!! :)

&lt;3 why thank you sweetness &lt;3

I really miss being a helpless romantic!! I've been in the situation where I gave too much and got taken advantage of. I wasn't to love and be super romantic everyday like tomorrow might not come so I have to be the sweetest everyday!! I can't wait till I'm not scared to love like that anymore :)

You sooo sound like the romantic type. I can see it =) Just knowing you so far I absolutely have no doubt that the next woman you'll be with will be showered with love and romanticy (just made that up btw) but as for being taken advantage of I'm sorry to hear that. Don't let that affect you from doing that to the right person that comes along. I'm sure she'll do the same in return as well ;)

You are so super sweet!! I don't trust myself to pick the right person anymore so I will remain by myself until I trust my judgment again. :)

Do not give up on your dream, one day you will find him or think you do, and you will be the happiest person on earth.

I def won't. Thankkkk you =)))) I hope so too, as I hope you feel that same way as well!

you are a very special woman i know GOD will find the right guy for you god will make sure this man is loving kind caring and will treat you as you should like his queen , all in GOD,S timing he will appear i am pulling for you because i want you to be very happy and you deserve to be happy i hope he appears soon for you but he will come for sure i will be so happy for you because you desrve to be loved like a queen. vinny,

Absolutely, thank you Vinny! God has a plan as always &amp;&amp; I have no doubt that god will both lead us to the people we're supposed to be with.

yes i do agree hun

wow... That is going to be one lucky man....

Thank youuuu =) I sure would hope so!

That my friend is some deep emotion. There's one ity bity little thing you left out. The blue moon lol. Seriously though I hope you find that person for and I know they'll be more than lucky to have you. You'll definitely sweep them off their feet with your great personality and charming looks.

&lt;3 Why are you always sooo sweet to me =)))) Thank you friend. I just love writing and I'm glad that people find it to be sweet or so but I really appreciate that coming from you!!! I know you'll find that special somebody as well =))))

I don't know why. But I'll start being an ******* haha kidding. Im sure we'll BOTH find someone special.

Nothing wrong with that. Just be careful just the same. There are those who take advantage of people like that. Doesn't mean don't be trusting at all to anyone you love. Just know that it's the right guy that deserves you and what you'll give him. Just hope he gives in kind.

I know what you mean. I've crossed paths with a few but I'm very cautious as well plus they won't get this right out of the gate. Everyones gotta don't want to say deserve but they kind of have to earn the trust and love, its just not handed out ther if you get what I'm saying ;)

Of course. I have gone through those same paths. Why I am glad there are still people who have this view on love and caring.

Well thank you =)) I'm sure a lot of people would be that way if we all didn't get hurt at one point. Hopefully one day people can see it the way we do =)

Hopefully so.

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great philosophy to live by

Thank you. I appreciate that. I just want to give everything a 100% that way if something fails I can at least say I gave it my all =)