My Dream First Date.

While everyone else goes to the movies, or out to eat. I want to go on a picnic in a flower covered field. Then lay there and just watch the clouds and talk. Then I want to go to this stadium in charleston(where I live) and sit on the top row and watch the sunset. I don't know, it just seems a lot better than sitting staring at a movie for 3 hours.
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Every guy should read this. The best dates are low cost, actually spend time with the person.

I find it weird that many people choose a way to not communicate on their first date. That seems back to front to me. It seems to me that if you want to go on a date with somebody you want to get to know them, talk about them, talk about you, learn and share and generally see how you feel about this person. Going to a movie takes 2 hours of effectively not doing any of the above. I like this idea!

Thank you.

Very welcome :)

I'd try to do that for u and make it extra special for u

Lol thankies:)

Ur welcome girl


I like this very much! You are a good girl and like your values at this point. I know we all have issues here but here I can accept people for who they are. I do that in real life to. It is just easier to do here without being judged for it.

Hahahaha, I love doing things like that with my girl. What's the point in doing something like watching a movie together? I feel like it's waste of time, because I want to get to know her and actually get closer to her. I hope you get to do those things :) Hahaha i once brought my girlfriend to a spot on the top of a mountain and we just sat there in a field of flowers and watched the sunset over the beautiful cities below us. Good luck :)

Aww That sounds sooo romantic :)


Yep!!! Sounds like a great way to start a true love relationship, and to actually be able to know if the person you are with is a fake / pla<x>yer or maybe the real deal..