This New Technology ...

I've already shared this poem with a few, now it's everyone's turn to enjoy it!    Lemmy know what you think?!

 "This New Technology"


Ok, so I tried it. Then, out of the blue, she appeared. A smile, a grin, a smirk? Only she knew. But just what did she know? What did she see? Who was receiving this smile? Was it for me? At this exact moment, it was mine, ALL mine. For just who does a smile belong to but the beholder? Tell me, who? Her heart? Open? Closed? Only time would tell. Time? My enemy, my foe, my deliverance all into one. Was she hurt? Was she lonely? Nothing a nice long talk wouldn't fix, fix and then forget. Memories, yet to be made, yet to be discovered, yet to be. Have patience? I don't have patience, I'm NOT a doctor! Wait? How long, how long 'til it happens? Searching for who? Looking for who? Or is that whom? Only the clock agrees, it is now, and now is the time. For it is short, time is so short and so am I, and so is she. Her stare, or just a glance, but deeper than that. Pain? Sure, we all have it. Forever? No, not anymore. Smiles always squash the pain, however temporary. Truth? Always, always just the way the heart wants it. Mine? Always. Always and forever at least as my memory would prove it. A quest? Sure, hers for me and mine for her. Found her at last? Just as in the past, which has turned to the present. A present? Oh my, what a gift! A gift given after much prayer. Much, yes too much. Succeed, only if it's true. Truth? Always, as honesty can't be hidden. A longing? From the depths of one's heart, sole, mind, body and strength. Yes, a longing for love. Earthbound? It was always here, just waiting. Waiting to bloom. A flower? Only the best, the best to not be cut, but only to be nurtured. Grow flower, grow. Show yourself to all! Show your colors, show your scent. Scatter your seed to the four winds. But, then come home. Home to where your heart belongs. Is it here, in his head or in his heart? Do you belong? Are you taken? Yes, yes to all and ALL for the "yes". Will you be? Be the Princess this Prince seeks? He seeks, his quest, his voyage. Has he found her? Has he finished? Oh father, father-time will tell. Grow? Grow together, as two, yet as one as well. Her quest, no, her honor. As a Princess or as a Queen, this kingdom is her's for the taking. Just ask, just ask and it will be given! Pray, pray hard for her to stay. Stay, yes stay where it is warm, comfy, and secure. Up, up you go. Be seated where you belong. For you belong for everyone to see. See? Yes, everyone can see your smile. They MUST see you smile, because they ALL own your smile! For they are the beholders. Give it to them, give it to him. Let him be the why. Cast your worries on him and let him be your smile. For you deserve it. You now deserve the best! Put him to the test, test him as you may. See that he is true. He is here. He is now. Your Prince, your quest, and for you, the best! Take him, my Princess, take him now. He is yours. Yours to have, to be true, to be all you deserve for you are the Princess! Yes, the Princess of time, this time. Technology, a genie. Just a wish in disguise. Did you wish? You must have for here he is, Your Prince! A-men, no, a woman, such a beautiful woman! Be seated where you belong. Be His Princess! Be Happy Once Again!


the end....... Not really, just the beginning!

46-50, M
May 10, 2012