Love Is...

When you can sit next to a person, not saying anything at all, and still enjoy his or her company.

When you know that the person sitting next to you is enjoying your company, even though you aren't saying anything.

When conversations flow easily about nothing at all, and neither person feels the need to make an effort.

Butterfly kisses.

Warm banana chocolate chip muffins.

Afternoons spent in front of a warm fireplace, watching the snow fall.

Leaning on his/her shoulder and enjoying his/her warmth.

Sleeping with your blanket and teddy bear from when you were little.

Dancing and freeing yourself from your fears and insecurities.


Those moments when your heart swells looking at a person, and you sweep them into a tight hug and don't let go.

Fuzzy socks and soft pillows.

When your cat's in a good mood.

Those moments when you can't stop smiling no matter how hard you try.

What makes you and me and everyone else the same.

All you need... supplemented by some Beatles music hear and there ^.^

Have more? Add to the list! :D
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2 Responses May 12, 2012

Thanks so much. You're very sweet. i'm sure love will find you soon enough.<br />
You're very welcome. I'm glad you liked it :)

Leaving secret love notes every morning.<br />
Not feeling the slightest bit embarrassed while you're being treated like a baby.<br />
Being extremely scared and confused, but never giving in.<br />
Sharing everything and never being reluctant to make yourself completely and totally vulnerable.<br />
Understanding and being understood, though you accept that there are some things that you might never know.<br />
Falling head over heals, even when you always tried to stay firmly planted in the ground.<br />
Complicated, intricate, and impossible to accurately describe or explain, but as simple a smile, a hug, a kiss, or even just knowing that they're in the room with you.<br />
Doing everything you can to show how much you care.

Amazing. See, you know. I don't think I've really found love yet. Thanks ^.^ This made me smile :)