No More

I was until reality came crashing down. The pain I felt was like a sharp piece of glass in my chest. I no longer believe in wine and roses, or the "one". I now know maybe it happens for some people but I'm not one. I finally realized I was born into this world and only had myself for most of my life and that's how I'm meant to be. I'm tired of people coming and going out of my life like shadows. Everything seems fine and then BAM the bottom drops out and I'm left with the after effects. I'm sick of being sweet, kind and caring because that's who I AM.
I give to get slapped in the face by indifference. I am done being the only one who cares and feels. I have learned finally the only ones who benefits are the ******* of the world who care about no one but themselves.
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1 Response May 16, 2012

well said I have asked myself, am i a hopeless rommantic or just hopeless? No matter how well i treat someone they end up stomping on my heart. my first love was the worse i find myself looking for what i had with her and it is never there.