To Be Kissed

Have you ever had that feeling of wanting to be kissed? Not wanting to kiss someone, but wanting someone to kiss you... just a proper sweet kiss... nothing urgent, nothing rushed...

I woke up one day feeling like this and realized that no one was there to fill that feeling...
So I closed my eyes again and various images came to my head, of a faceless boy who would be my happy ever after, he would kiss me just because he thinks the moment calls for a kiss, he would get the hair off my eyes, kiss my cheek and then my lips, and we would cuddle a little longer more

I love the thought of happy ever after, happy endings, and all t hose perfect little love stories... but then when you know it's going to happen, it becomes a boring story... you know that prince charming is going to save the girl and they will marry and live happily ever after.

But today, I'm feeling a little bit positive... that one day, the faceless boy in my head would have a face... sweet and loving, perfectly imperfect and would love me for who I am...
The thought is very nice in my head... and I want to keep it here a bit more ^_^
It's not everyday that I believe in finding the one again... :P
LionPrincess03 LionPrincess03
22-25, F
May 16, 2012