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True Love

Here is a simple poem I put together, hope you enjoy it:

This morning there isn’t a cloud to be seen.
The sky is a sheet of pure blue.
The sun is bright and the day is warm
as I wake up next to you.

You’re still asleep, and I can almost make out
the things you’re whispering under your breath.
I think about the places we’ve been,
and I can’t help but feel very blessed.

It’s nice not having to worry.
I know my heart is in good hands.
I’ve had an optimistic notion about you
ever since we became close friends.

There was something different
about the way you were speaking,
as though you were searching for more,
trying to find a deeper meaning.

Not like all the others,
who talked but didn’t have much to say.
You’re the one who left an impression
and made me want to stay.

From the moment I realized who you were,
I couldn’t keep you out of my thoughts.
A woman as special as you is a rarity,
and so for your affection I fought.

Regardless of the difficulties that arise,
we’ll always prevail and move on.
When people said we didn’t make sense,
we kept walking and assumed they were wrong.

We’ll be okay, you and I, for our love is stronger
than this feeble world in which we live,
where relationships crumble as quickly as they start,
and everyone takes but doesn’t want to give.

We’re as thick as thieves,
we’re two halves of a whole,
and every other cliché that comes to mind.
I was lucky to even become a part of your life,
and I still can’t believe you’re mine.
romanticdreams romanticdreams 46-50, M 5 Responses May 19, 2012

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What an amazing poem...such beautiful words...such a gift you have. I thought you were the best at baking but writing is a strong talent you have my sweet man.

Thank you much for sharing, so appreciate your feedback, it truly means alot. Hope you day is blessed

awesomei felt that way once i use to say those same wordlove can be awesome i cried when i read this i still have him in my heart

Thank you Lisa, so glad you enjoyed it.

I LOVE THIS! I dream of this connection everyday. I want to give myself completely to a man who feels like this towards me.

Thank you for stopping by and sharing, so glad you like it and agree in regards to the connection

I think people tend to give up too quickly when there are some obstacles, instead of working through the rough spots. I think if everything else falls into place, what's not to fight for. Love should prevail!!

Good advice my friend, thanks for sharing

What a lovely poem my RD. I'm so happy for you. Special people don't come alone you definitely have to appreciate them when they walk into your life. I really enjoyed this poem. Thanks for sharing. :)

Thanks Kat, appreciate your feedback and you are an amazing friend.