A Love Letter To My Future Love

Dear future love,

I have a wonderful life and I am really happy. I am not looking for you. I hope one day we will join together. I hope you are feeling the same. Our union will only make our lives even better. Oo, I would love to meet you soon but it is the Divine knows the best time we should meet. Meanwhile, I hope I will continue to improve myself so that I can give you more joy when we celebrate our lives together, a celebration to the very end.


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So...have you found your future love yet?

Hello my dear friend,

I've learned I must first know how to love myself and the others, then, she will just appear one day. I've made efforts and not afraid to be hurt. It has been more than 13 years now... I am quite content and I am very straight :)

The longer I wait and refine myself, the more I treasure the moment we identify each other. When I was young, I didn't know what I wanted as much as I didn't know about myself. I am so happy to know who I am and the journey I took. All these will make me be able to love her more everyday. Hope this mumbling somewhat make sense.

How about you?

it does make sense =] Its completely understandable to be alone to get to know one self. However, have you gone out of your way to meet someone, sometimes you can't just expect them to come to you...remember, men are the hunters after all.

I proudly did my hunting and respected all my prey :) There is time for everything. Right now, I am enjoy being single and work.

Ummm...do you not like being in a relationship?? I just find it strange that you choose to be single for sooo long. But don't you want a companion, someone to be intimate with?

I think the practice of self-reliance and self-contentment is more important than my happiness depends on a romantic relationship. However, it does make a world of difference to me if I can help someone who doesn't have a chance in their lives. This is more important than the mememememe. I endorse this type of dependence. It wouldn't make me feel sad if I fail to achieve it as long as I haven't given up trying.

I guess you're right...but I'd hate to see someone who's a good man miss on a chance on getting his love of his life...don't let life pass you by, and open up and try...no more single hood for you sir! =p

You are such a dear friend. I have not missed out anything. I am preparing myself when I 'meet' her. It will make me an unhappy individual if I change this mindset. It will be fun when she see this post sometime in the future:)

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That was sweet and brave. I also have written letters to my future husband. I have a whole box full.I pray God sends your amazing life companion soon, so you can start loving in person.

If it isn't too personal, I am confident that the sharing of this collection will be a blessing to many by your maturity and good character.

From an INTJ Christian.

Thank- you for the compliments. My letters ,yes, are far too sacred and personal to share.

The refining process , as you know,is quite messy, and ugly at times. I thank God for His Everlasting Grace and never ending patience with me as I struggle with all the powerful drives only the Holy Spirit can put in proper place.

This waiting process is a refiners fire. I am just like every other human being,except I have a God who will not let me, above all, be anywhere else but with my ear to His chest, so I can be confident that all is well, and can rest there. Blessings!

I know exactly how you feel with the same view. I am getting older (uglier) each day, but I feel that I am more beautiful inside as I age. I am becoming more capable to make people happy and beautiful (smile, not angry) just because of I endured this painful refining process. It said, "seek first the kingdom of God, all things will be given to you." God is all things and is all good. Therefore, when we are seeking Him first and seek Him only, it will be impossible to want anything other than Him, just like Jesus did. To resonate this point, I am perfectly fine to be single. A side of me always want to love and give myself to someone, not just philanthropy, this must be a female person. I feel that I can be a fuller human being if I can be closer to this girl. (INTJs don't understand relationship and emotional things). I don't understand why I have this want. I will know more as I am keeping to seeking Him first.

At my current situation, if this girl I just mentioned isn't a Christian, I will probably remain a friendship with her and not pressure her to be anything, in spite of 10 years of being single. I have everything in Him.

at first i read it that it was a love letter to your future self...i thought that's sweet and kinda strange lol

If the writing is to be sent to future self, that could be an interesting letter still. A letter that the person has not loved themselves and looking forward to be more mature so that they can truly love themselves and obtaining greater joy.

I say option A =]

K., <br />
This person with whom you have stated your intentions will be blessed having your love. You are taking the time to learn about and develop yourself so the love you give will be genuine! Keep up the good work! :)

That means much to me. Thanks. I am considering which one is better. <br />
A.<br />
Meanwhile, I hope I will continue to improve myself so that I can give you more joy when we journey together.<br />
B. <br />
Meanwhile, I hope I will continue to improve myself so that I can give you more joy when we dance together.


P.S. Hello all, I am not sure if I am qualified to be in this group. Feel free to leave a comment abt anything :)