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Linda And David Part 2

Hope you enjoyed the first part of this story. In this one, my hopes are that one would realize that romance and love making is something that requries communication, people just enjoying time together. This one is not as "hot and steamy" as the first but will warn you, the third part may burn you up!

David was an early riser and today was no exception; the sun began to shine through the curtains as he woke up, his eyes squinting a bit with the sunlight, then finally coming to focus. He stretched out with his arms, then looked to his side, Linda and all her beauty next to him, for a few moments he simply laid there, enjoying watching her rest and relax, admiring the beauty of her form, his eyes glancing down her but not wanting to wake her up quite yet. He quickly got into the shower, cleaned up, the water was refreshing and a morning shower had become part of his routine to wake up. Once dried off, he slid on his clothes and quietly crept into the kitchen He looked in the fridge, the cabinets, seeing what he could find to make for breakfast, there wasn’t a lot of items he could use but he remembered the small store only a couple of blocks away when they drove in, he grabbed the keys, locked the door and headed down to the small market.
The market was small but very quaint, it had a limited amount of products but it was the very thing David was looking for. He picked up some fresh cantaloupe, some red potatoes, onions, fresh mushrooms, eggs, cheese and fresh orange juice along with a beautiful red rose. He scurried home quickly, not wanting her to wake up, he then put together a simple skillet of baked red potatoes with fresh garlic, onions, eggs and cheese with a small bowl of cantaloupe on the side, and he placed it on her bed tray and then secretly crept into the bedroom. He came alongside the bed, gently sitting next to her, he kissed her neck, pulling her hair away a bit and then let his hand slide down her body, feeling her spine running down, then onto the small crevice of her *** cheeks and to her thighs, she slowly rolled over, their lips kissing, his hands quickly wrapped around her, both smiling as he said, “Good morning beautiful.” He then walked out for a moment and returned with breakfast, the red rose lying gently above the plate, she smiled, picked up the rose, smelt it for a moment, then just shook her head; this was the way she had always dreamed it would be but never thought it would happen. David adjusted the pillows behind her before sitting on the bed at her feet, he placed both of her legs alongside his side and as she ate, they talked, he gently caressed and massaged her calves, then rubbing her feet, she smiled, laughed and the two were quickly falling in love, no longer was it just a wonderful time but two lives were become part of each other and being molded together.
As she finished up her meal, David watching every bite on her lips, captivated by her subtle ways of eating cantaloupe, thinking how the night before, those same lips were wrapped around his manhood. He was dazed for a moment, then after realizing she was done, removed the tray, placing it in the kitchen and helping her to her feet. Once again, he just sat down on the bed admiring her, he placed her legs on both sides of him, looked up, her breasts were at eyes level, he gently licked and sucked on them for a moment while reaching around and holding both of her *** cheeks in his hand, they were so soft, so gentle, he could have stayed there all day, but the day was getting a bit late.
Linda was soon in the shower, she was enjoying the experience of the jets of water splashing on her body, making sure every layer of her skin was cleansed, refreshed. While she did, David was in the kitchen cleaning up his mess a bit and the need for a cup of coffee was quickly spreading through his mind. He then remembered she enjoyed tea, he took out the small electric tea kettle, placed some filtered water inside and as it heated, went through the cupboards a bit, finding a nice Oolong tea, he heard the shower stop, seconds later, the beep went off on the water kettle and he placed the hot water in the tea kettle with the loose leaf tea. After just a few minutes, he removed the steeping container of tea and stuck his head inside the bath, telling Linda her tea was ready. A few moments later, she came out and David sat down at the end of the bed, enjoying the tea and even more, enjoying watching Linda get dressed. She sat down at her vanity, the cup of tea next to her and the two continued to talk as she got ready for the day. They talked a few options over and decided to spend the morning walking alongside the beach; David was already in his shorts, so he was ready but didn’t mind waiting, in fact, he was enjoying watching Linda get ready for the day. She first took care of her hair, then onto some make up before finally sliding on a one piece swimsuit, aqua blue in color and she could tell by the way David was squirming on the bed, he liked it a lot. It complimented her body so well, and she slid on a pair of shorts, along with it, then stood up, David laid back on the bed, looking at her, amazed at her beauty, her legs were perfectly toned, shaped so well, he knew they better get going or he would be spending the day in bed with her making love.
About the time they were to leave, the phone rang, it was Gloria, and she was calling about the Saturday afternoon sewing gathering that Linda was part of. As they talked, and Gloria asked if she would be there, she glanced over at David, not knowing what his thoughts would be if she went, she covered the phone a bit and explained. David told her she should go, that it would give him some time to do some planning plus, he would like to meet these ladies he had heard so much about from her and didn’t want to take her away from something that brought her such pleasure. Linda told her she would be attending and that David would be there for a few minutes as well to meet everyone, she started into a conversation about him but Linda quickly ended it, wanting to spend time with him. Soon the two were heading out the door, walking to the beach; the air was humid but still pleasant since it was about 10 am. As the two walked in the sand, looking at the waves, hand in hand, it was obvious they were in love, the passion they both had for each other showed in the way they touched, gently kissed at times and cuddled close by either holding hands or his arm being around her. As they continued to talk, men look at Linda, then do the “double take”, she did stand out at the beach, the way she walked, her beauty, all a wonderful expression of the beautiful woman she was. David was smiling, realizing he had the most gorgeous woman on the beach at his side and what an honor it was to be spending this time with her. The water was so crystal blue, David enjoyed watching the wave’s crash along the shore and they stopped by a fresh fruit smoothie kiosk on the beach, enjoying the refreshing beverage as lunch. After a while, they sat down on a bench and just began to talk, David wanted to know everything about her, the passions she had, the dreams. Linda had never met a man who was so interested in her, many men just wanted her, the elegance she had, the beauty she portrayed but never took time to actually know her dreams and desires, this man was different than most. As they talked, she explained she had always wanted to live in the mountains and she wanted her own “studio” for her quilt making, sewing and creations, a wish she hoped would someday come true. Their conversation continued into the early afternoon, as they realized the time, they headed back to Linda’s home. Once inside, she began to gather all of the items she would need for her afternoon sewing time, David helped her place it in her car, and she returned inside to get ready. She first slipped off her shoes, then her shorts, she smiled, noticing David just staring at her, she laughed and said, “What?” He replied back with a simple, “You are just so beautiful and that swimsuit really compliments you, drives me crazy” Soon, she had moved up to him, he was sitting on the bed, she was standing between his legs, he scooted up a bit, reaching around his hands loved the feel of the fabric that complimented each curve and then pulled her onto the bed, they laid next to each other, rolling around, laughing, then Linda’s hand reached down below, unbuttoning his shorts, David quickly sliding them off, along with his briefs. She was sitting on his chest once again but this was a bit different, she still had her swimsuit on, she pulled herself off for a moment, and turned around, modeling a bit for David, who by this time, was going crazy, he placed his hands on her hips, moved her so her *** was facing him, then pulled her down, sliding her material to the side, he began to lick her rose again, sending tingling sensations all over Linda’s body.
Soon she was grinding away again on his face as his tongue probed deep inside her, his teeth, nibbling on her layers a bit, bringing her moisture again to the surface, she loved it, was almost like he was exploring her, finding out what each layer did to her. Suddenly she leaned back and squirted her hot juices all over his face; she loved this and had soon forgotten about the sewing class, it was the farthest thing from her mind right now. She climbed off, lying next to David, the two holding each other tight, kissing him a bit, she could taste her own juice on his lips and she realized how good she tasted. The two once again rolled around a bit, Linda once again ending up on top, she enjoyed that position and so did David, she slid his manhood below her crotch, sliding her suit to the side, and she slid him inside her tight, warm and wet tunnel of love. She then began to slide upwards, downwards, driving him crazy, he loved the feel of not only her womanhood but also the suit, his manhood grinding against the material, soon, the two were reaching a point of climax, David wanted to explode but he held back, he wanted to *** together, he could no longer hold back and soon, the two were contracting together, the walls of her womanhood throbbing against his manhood, it was pure pleasure. Afterwards, she got dressed, David still just observing her, smiling, the two laughing about the enjoyment of simply watching each other, they then headed out to the sewing group.
Once they arrived, Judith opened the door, letting both of them in. Once inside the ladies were giving Linda the *wink* telling her how cute David was and this one was a keeper. David sat down, talked for a few moments with the ladies, amazed at some of the items they were making, placemats, hats, scarves, all handmade, people no longer did this sort of thing anymore and it was sad. He could easily tell that this was more than just crafting, that it was a time where good friends got together, sewed but more importantly, laughed together, shared and encouraged each other. After a while, David excused himself, telling the ladies he would return shortly but needed to borrow Linda’s car as he some planning to do for the evening.
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On to part 3. You got me captivated.

Glad you have enjoyed

I LOVE THE "WET TUNNEL OF LOVE" I love the way you are so desc<x>riptive..i can taste the food, feel the sex as you described it ...And you remembered about the sewing room..i am so truly have a gift...

So glad you enjoyed it, my pleasure, all my pleasure