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Linda And David Part 3

This portion of the story is much more steamy and hot but also showing how romance and love making are about focusing on the other persons needs and desires and the pleasure it can bring when you do. Hope you enjoy this, let me know your thoughts.

David quickly drove away, finding his way to a few select places; Bath and Body Works, local grocery store, etc. He then headed back to Linda’s and began to quickly prepare for the evening, placing the food in the refrigerator, then other objects around the room, this was fun, planning a complete evening for Linda, focusing on bringing her pleasure. Soon he completed his work and headed back to the sewing group to meet Linda. He walked up the steps, flower laced on the side, and then knocked on the door, Judith answered, opened the door and let him in. She stood back and watched as he went in the room, then grabbed his *** for a moment, squeezed it and joked, “You are right Linda; he does have a cute little ***. The ladies all laughed, Gloria, who had called earlier about the sewing class was laughing, saying, “Look, he’s blushing!” David knew they were only having fun and asked Linda what she was making, she was so surprised, never had a man shown an interest in the things she enjoyed like this and went on to explain that she was making placemats. As the time ended, David helped her get her things together and head out toward the car, the ladies smiled, it was nice to see Linda enjoying herself again, he opened the door for her, helped her inside and the two drove away together. David continued to ask about her sewing interest, what she enjoyed making, etc. Linda was still amazed at his genuine interest, many of the men she had met on EP just wanted to “jump in the sack” but David was not like this. She explained she enjoyed making quilts, blankets, and placemats but she had always wanted to create her own lingerie, especially panties but she wanted a man to help with the design of those panties and to be part of the creation of them. David thought to himself, would like to be that guy. As they got near her home, she pointed out a small retail space with a view of the water, explaining her dream was to have a space like that, her own studio to create items, display them, making them available for purchase, that it could be a place the ladies in the sewing group could use all the time.
They pulled up in the driveway, David quickly getting out of the car, grabbing Linda’s sewing bag and then opening the door for her. As they walked inside, she could not help but notice the lines of votive candles spread all around her home, David had placed each one in a particular place for a particular time and suddenly, picked her up, and set her on the couch, kneeling before her, he untied her shoes, removing them, his hands caressing her calves a bit and ankles, telling her to relax and unwind, that he had something special planned for her. As he got up, he lit the candles around the living room and on the kitchen table, and then headed into the kitchen to prepare dinner. The two were able to talk as he prepared the evenings meal, it was a simple dish of red snapper, baked in a buttery garlic sauce, and lemons placed on top, served with wild rice and some baby carrots, all items David had picked up at the store. As dinner was finished, he came over to the couch, placed out his hand and escorted her to the table, a single white candle lit in the middle, a red rose lay at the head of her plate, this was again, something she was not used to but could easily become accustomed to. He then placed the meal before her and as he did, went into the living room, blowing out the candles, telling her, “We won’t be going on there again.” The two sat at the table, smiling, the twinkle in both their eyes made it quite obvious they were in love, it was almost like each one could see inside the other’s soul.
Dinner was coming to a close and David slid away for a moment, Linda, curious about what was going to happen next, heard the bath begin to flow in her bedroom and began to get excited. David put the dishes on the counter, then blowing them out, lit a string of candles headed to the bath, once again, his hand reached out to her and escorted to her next adventure, a lilac scented bubble bath, he slowly removed her blouse, exposing her black lacey bra, reaching around, he unhooked it, pulling it off, then lowering himself again to his knees, rubbing his face along her skin as he moved southward, once on his knees, he removed her short, revealing a wonderful lacey hi-cut brief, he reached around, rubbed her bottom with his hands, then placing his face in her crotch, he breathed her in, the smell was like a floral bouquet and soon, he had slipped off the panties, sliding them off of her, then helping her into the tub. She laid back, the water felt so pleasant, refreshing and she loved the smell of lilacs on her skin, he adjusted the bath pillow for her head, and then headed out for a few moments while she could relax. As she rested, melted, he cleaned up the kitchen, then ******** down to only a towel, he could not hide the excitement he had for her during the evening and walked into the bath, checking on her, looking down as she played with the bubble, smiling, laughing, then her eyes caught his manhood, it was making the towel stand up a bit, she teased him, telling him she could hardly wait for that. He laughed and said, “In time, have some other things planned first.”
Soon the bath was over and David escorted her once again from the candle lit bath, following the candles, he laid her on the bed on her tummy, he then pulled out lilac scented massage oil, then straddled her waist and began to give her a relaxing massage, only candles lighting the room, the aroma therapy and massage were taking away years of stress built up inside her. She could feel his hands rubbing her shoulders, working their way in deep, then finding their way down her spine, her soft skin felt so good to his touch and all along, she could also feel his manhood rubbing against her, so very hard, it was making her wet. His hands finally reached her waist, rubbing side by side, then came her *** cheeks, he was amazed at how round they were, soft but firm, he kissed both of them before his hands began to work her thighs, his hand sliding between them, it was so warm, her skin, was like silk and his hands move down her thighs, to her calves, squeezing and rubbing, making her simply slide away into pure ecstasy. As he finished, he took his hand and simply glistened across her body, sending tingling sensations all over her body. She rolled over, looked at him straddled between her legs, his manhood hard, a bright smile across his face, she was amazed at how much pleasure it was giving him to see her being satisfied, so many men wanted their own pleasures met, this man was much different.
He reached over to the nightstand where he had placed some fruit, he knew how much she loved oranges and soon began to hand feed slices to her, rubbing them along her lips, her mouth slowly opening, and then biting each slice. As she did, some of the juice began to flow down her chin and onto her chest; David licked each clean with his tongue. He then took two of the chocolate covered strawberries, once again rubbing them on her lips, they were glistening with all the moisture and it drove him wild with anticipation with each small bite she took. Soon, he leaned forward, kissing her moist lips, his tongue sliding into her moist and sweet mouth, his hands gently sliding along her cheeks, he wanted her so bad but there was still more he had planned. He slowly began to nibble a bit on her ears, then kissing her neck, moving southward to her luscious breasts. The nipples were once again very erect, hard, he took time placing each one in his mouth, sucking and nibbling on them a bit, his hand had made its’ way between her legs, massaging her thighs, then, after the nipples, he rolled his tongue around each breasts, then placing one breast at a time inside his mouth, savoring the sweet taste of her body.
By this time, Linda was moist, wet and ready to reach a point of ****** she had not reached before; she so wanted him deep inside her but also knew she didn’t want anything to slow down the way the evening was going. David once again started southward, finally coming to her well shaved and soft rose, he once again, put her legs on his shoulder, this time, kissing her rose, and then gently touching each layer with the tip of his tongue. She squirmed each time his tongue gently touched her, noticing this, he soon began to work his way around her layers, adding a bit more of a touch, soon, she was squirting her sweet juice all over his, her legs wrapped around his head, her hand pushing him in harder. David could not get enough of her sweet flavor, her juices squirted down his throat. David could no longer hold back, he slid his hard meat deep inside her, leaned forward and began to grind deep inside her, all this time, the two were kissing, she could feel how deep he was going while he was feeling the warmth, the moistness and snug fit of her womanhood. Never had he experienced such a woman, he looked into her eyes and finally exploded in ******, his hard throbbing meat, pulsing deep inside her, squirting his load of hot juice inside her.
Soon, the two were lying next to each other, they were cuddling, kissing, both enjoying the moment, David could see the candles glowing in her eyes, it was such a secure feeling the two were having together. Linda wanted more though, she didn’t want the night to end quite yet and climbed on top of David, she put her rose in front of his face, it was still wet with both of their *** and then, putting her finger inside, brought it back up to her lips and savored it. She then slowly slid her rose on top of his face. David began to lick and devour the unique blend the two had created, the cream was sweet, a bit salty and very creamy, his tongue continued to dig in deep as she grinded his face, her back began to arch, she tightened up and once again was squirting her juices down his throat, she so enjoyed him nibbling on her, licking all of her juices, swallowing them. She then surprised David when she spread her *** cheeks, then rolled back onto his face, his nose now breathing in her aroma, she grinded a bit again and she could see David’s legs dangling a bit, he was enjoying it so much and she was enjoying the dominance she was having over him, the control she felt. David made her feel alive, confident. She then sat up, sliding alongside David, once again, the two, cuddling, now kissing; she could taste their blend on his lips and was enjoying the sweet nectar the two had produced. Soon, they fell fast asleep, sheets spread all over the room, the candles losing their glow, it was a night, neither would ever forget.
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I had to take a deep breath, stop then continue to read...the fruit, the flowers, the details, the sex...oh my..what a delicious know how to titillate the senses. you have the romance down pat...please keep these stories so I can read and re read them...I am so honored on the details..

So glad you enjoyed it, thank you for the compliment on the romance part, truly appreciate that

it<br />
is<br />
burningupinHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />

Glad you enjoyed it, just wait till part 4, it will be very unique, romantic and fun. THanks for commenting