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"Cause You've Got Personality.."

The topic of soul mates has been discussed ad nauseum and yet we all have thought of or used the term either loosely or seriously at one point or another. Shouldn't it be called personality mates?

Truly isn't it a matching of like interests or an attraction to interests that magnetize us to another? For example, when you know what someone is thinking before they say it, or you just know what someone would like by intuition if no other reason...or you can feel what he/she is feeling right to the depths of your heart, your inner core....that unmistakable unspoken connection...the kind that is virtually unexplainable..but by golly, you know it's there.

It's that free spirit in each of us that seems to join with others' free spirited nature that seems to feel so right, so good. Further, it's a relationship that grows together despite changes because of the strong underlying traits, not one that grows apart. It's rather liberating knowing that two unchained souls can join together and yet not feel suffocated. It's clicking with each interaction.

I think Lloyd Price said it best in his song entitled, "Personality," wherein in part he sang:

"cause you got personality,
Walk, personality
Talk, Personality
Smile, Personality
Charm, personality
Love, personality
And of course you´ve got
A great big heart
So over and over
And over, over, over"

I think too that it is a continuum of personality traits that perpetuate and bond the attraction, not just a short term infatuation. It's knowing you can be totally honest, upfront, and in essence yourself with another and they feel it, understand, accept and respect that and you do the same for them as well. It is in essence a "feel great" emotion when with the person with "personality" "just because" with no other explanation needed and wala, personality mates. You just know that feeling of "oh baby you've got it" and it's one of those things that draws you near, "cause you got personality!"

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I think you proved the argument for "soul mates" when you started talking about the two "free spirits joining as one". You and I could have the same personality matches but not join in spirit. We would just be great friends.<br />
<br />
But that's just my thoughts. :)