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Falling In Love With Beth Part 7

If you have not figured this out yet, it's going to be an ongoing journey with these two, David and Beth, hope you continue to enjoy them. I intended to get far into the next day but the evening was just full of too much passion, hope you enjoy, please, give your feedback.

It had been a long day, both Beth and David were tired, as the two sat down, they looked at each other, smiling, neither had ever experienced a time of baking in such an intimate way, as they relaxed, they looked into each other’s eyes, a smile coming across both of their faces as they came together, cuddled, their arms wrapped around each other and enjoyed the feel of their lips together, their tongues playing. After a while, David got up, lit a few candles around the house, and then turned out the lights except for the kitchen. He looked back; saw Beth, her head lying against the couch, she had fallen asleep. As she rested, David took the time to fix some chicken salad sandwiches for the next day; he had something special planned, a picnic, an enjoyable hike, and some time alone. As he finished cleaning, he peeked into the living room, there she was, still asleep, he just stood there for a few moments, admiring her beauty, the glow that the candles provided over her skin. He then went into the bedroom, pulling down the blanket and sheets, coming back, reaching his arms around Beth, he carried her into the bedroom, as she began to wake up, she reached around and put her arms around David’s neck, looking into his eyes and he laid her on the bed. She was still dazed a bit when David laid her down but then started smiling as he began to get her ready for bed. First came the blouse, sliding it over her head, exposing her leopard print bra, lace around the cups, then kneeling down a bit, he unsnapped her pants, slowly sliding them down, removing her legs, exposing her matching leopard panties, she looked so delicious but David held himself back from making love yet, he wanted this moment to once again last.
As Beth lay back, David slid off his t-shirt, exposing his chest; he looked at Beth, smiled and then started to play with the button on his pants. Soon, he had unhooked them, sliding them off slowly, teasing her a bit, almost like her own personal ***** tease. She could see his fully erect manhood tucked away nicely in his black briefs, grey waistband and he teased her by wiggling and dancing a bit in front of her face, she wanted to reach out and pull them off but David pulled back, teasing her more, she was smiling, laughing, the tease was on. David slid his hand behind Beth, unhooking her bra, then pulling it off, as he did, her breasts jiggled slightly and Beth, playing into the game, put her hands under them, pulling them up toward her face, her tongue sliding down a bit, slightly touching them, then looking up at David with a wicked grin. David returned her tease with a smile, now reaching down, and his fingers sliding under the waistband of her panties, slowly began to remove them, sliding them all the way down her legs, revealing an aromatic and tasty gift for David, he leans over, blows on her beautiful rose, then slowly slides his tongue gently over the surface, all of this sense tingling sensations up Beth’s body, causing her to moan every so beautifully. She reaches over, slides her hand inside David’s briefs, , he slowly removes them, her hands now sliding under his balls, then squeezing them, David is so hard, she leans over, kisses the mushroom head, rolls her tongue over the surface before David gently rolls her over onto her tummy. Once there, he climbs on top of her rounded ***, straddles it a bit, his manhood, sliding lengthwise between her *** cheeks, almost like a hot dog, slipped perfectly in the bun. As he leans forward, he begins to massage her body, beginning with her shoulders, pulling her hair slightly way, rubbing her neck, she can feel the tension going away, she loves feeling David’s hands, soft but still very firm, he works them down her spine, releasing tension, finally to her waist, he slide off, his hands massaging her *** cheeks, he loves the feeling of them in his hand, almost like firm dough, so soft, so smooth, he leans over, gives each one a kiss, his tongue sliding a bit between them, Beth squirms with excitement as David rolls her over, leans forward again and begins to kiss her lips, her neck, moving toward her breasts, his hands massaging them, then kissing, sucking on the nipples, so hard, but yet, her breasts so soft.
Beth now rolls David over, her hands sliding down his chest, almost drawing on them with her fingers, David cannot sit still, he continues to squirm, breathe deep, and she can sense the excitement all through his body. She then reaches over, pulls out a vibration ring from the end table, she places it on David’s manhood, then activates it so it sends a buzzing sensation on David, he moans a bit, then Beth climbs on top, she takes David’s manhood and slowly slides it in. As she does, David can feel how tight she is, how moist, wet, it is an incredible feeling, she slides him all the way in, then sits down on his meat, the vibration sending sensations all over her body, she then slides out for a moment, her tongue rolls around his meat, tasting the unique blend of juices the two have formed, so sweet, so tasty. Beth then slides David’s meat back inside, again, it’s like a warm blanket, sending shivers all over his body, she leans forward, the juices still fresh in her mouth, they kiss, their tongue dance and the two enjoy the creamy dish together. As this happens, the two continue to dance in the bed, their bodies squirming and soon, the two can sense the eruption coming, Beth is tightening up, she is beginning to contract all over David and now, the warmth of their juices explode and they both moan together. They continue to cuddle, lying next to each other, their bodies close together, they fall into a deep sleep, embracing each other, dreaming about what the next day will bring.
romanticdreams romanticdreams 46-50, M 4 Responses Aug 17, 2012

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The way you express every detail is so amazing. Hot.........

I do get a bit detailed, so glad you have enjoyed them, am humbled you have gone through all of these

I am starving......

Thanks for commenting, am glad you are enjoying this series

wow awesome my friend

THank you LIsa, so glad you enjoyed it, am writing a whole series on this, showing all different sides of romance

You expressed your love very nicely in this one.

I am glad you enjoyed it, ended up being alot more steamy than I had planned, wanted to get into the next day but just couldn't yet, would have made the story too long, the next part will also be very fun, heated at some points but again, more about the realtionship too, having fun together, etc.