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Falling In Love With Beth Part 8

The saga continues and it will not be ending anytime in the near future. Hope you enjoy this, look forward to hearing your responses, has been a pleasure to write.

The next morning came early again for David, as he woke up, he once again took a moment to glance over Beth, she looked like an angel as she slept, so peaceful, he wanted to wake her up but knew she needed to rest a bit and besides, him and Jeff were supposed to begin walking this morning, helping him get in shape for his wife Joyce. (You can look at part 6 for information on Joyce and Jeff) He slowly slid out of bed, then into the shower, the water was so refreshing but his mind was wandering, thinking of the picnic, the day he had planned with Beth, the excitement showed in the arousal of his manhood, he couldn’t help but smile, when he thought of her. After showering, drying off, he quietly got dressed, making sure he did not wake her, then after a few drinks of water, headed over to meet Jeff. He knocked on the door, it was early, about 6:30 am and David was surprised when Joyce opened the door, she invited him in and told him this was all new to Jeff and he was just getting up. The two sat for a few moments as Jeff got dressed, the talked a bit about the lingerie/toy party on Friday and some creative ideas to make it fun, then before Jeff came out, she thanked David for once again reaching out to Jeff and she hoped that this friendship and encouragement would help get their love life back on track.
A few moments later Jeff came out and the tow headed out on their walk, it was good for both of them and as they walked they were able to talk, it felt good to Jeff to have a friend to open up with, it was quite humbling to talk about the lack of love life him and Joyce were having. David gave him some ideas to try, to explore and also told him exercise really helps a times too, something as simple as walking or swimming can make a tremendous difference. They also talked about the party, some of the ideas that Joyce, Beth and him had talked about, things like dressing up for the party, some fun games and the importance of making it enjoyable for Joyce. After about an hour, the two came back home, after seeing Jeff to the door, David walked across the street, curious if Beth was up as of yet. Once inside, he could smell Belgium waffles being prepared, Beth came out, only wearing a white dress shirt, she joked and said, “Hope you don’t mind, found this in your closet and it looked comfortable.” David smiled, ran to her and the two embraced, holding each other, both of their hands caressing each other’s back, David slid his hand down a bit further, under his shirt, hmmm, no panties. They kissed, holding each other and didn’t want to let each other go but Beth also didn’t want to burn the waffles, the timer went off and she went over to put them on a plate. Afterwards, the two sat down, talked about their day.
David began to share that he had decided to simply take the rest of the week off work that he wanted to spend some time with her and he was long due for a vacation. As they talked David asked if she would like to go up to a special spot in the mountains for a picnic, maybe a short hike, she agreed and David told her, while she was resting yesterday, he had made chicken salad and would put them on some croissants and make up a picnic basket for them. In the center of the table were some fresh strawberries, David always enjoyed fresh fruit and Beth, reached out, grabbed one, and wrapped her mouth around it, in a very erotic way, driving David crazy with excitement, her eyes glowing, full of passion, fire, he wanted to make love to her right then but he had something better planned for later. As they finished breakfast, the two cleaned up together, teasing each other again, David taking the dish towel and snapping her a few times, she grabbed another and they chased each other around the house, laughing, smiling, and enjoying the companionship of each other. Finally they made their way back in the kitchen and finished up the dishes. As they did, the two headed into the bedroom, David laid back on the bed, fluffed up the pillow and sat back, watching Beth take off his shirt, she laughed, smiled and said, “You really enjoy this, don’t you?” David of course nodded in agreement and soon, she was standing over him, nothing on, she looked so delicious and David had to use all his self-control not to drag her to bed with him. She then headed into the shower, David reaching over to the counter, reading a coffee magazine, waiting for her to return. He heard the shower stop, immediately be put down the magazine, he was so impatient, it was like a kid waiting to see the first showing of a movie, his eyes focused on the door, he then saw her coming out, drying herself off, she looked so incredible. She glanced back at David and just laughed, she loved the way he enjoyed this and soon, she was putting on her cosmetics, then putting on her lingerie, blue lacey panties, matching bra, David was at his limit, he really wanted to take her into his arms but once again, held himself back. After a short while, she was ready to go, David went out, packed the basket in the jeep and they were headed off to the Cascade Mountains and a small place near Mt Rainier National Park.
The drive was beautiful, fall was coming and you could smell the fresh scent of pine in the air. As they drove, David asked questions to Beth, finding out more about this beautiful lady he had fallen in love with. When the topic of favorite flower came up, Beth told him “Tulips”, David smiled, well; guess we know where we are going in spring, explaining the Skagit Valley Tulip festival that took place every year. As they drove, they stopped in a small town called Enumclaw, picked up some coffee and then back up to the mountain. David pulled into a dirt road, one that was not marked, after a short while, there was a turn off that was blocked off, David stopped, remove the sign and then put it back after he drove through. He then went on to explain that a good friend of his was a park ranger in this area and he had arranged a private place for the two of them to be. Finally they pulled up to a meadow, you could look out and see Mt Rainier, Hood, St Helens and Adams, the sun was shining, the sky was blue and David took several items from his Jeep, spreading out a blanket as Beth was just amazed at the natural beauty in front of her. After the picnic area was set, the two headed up on a hike, it was the Lake Tipso are of the Park and the hike took them around several glacier lakes, the birds were singing and they saw an occasional deer as they walked. After several hours, they returned back to their picnic area, Beth asked why the straps on all of the food containers, David explaining that he didn’t want the animals to smell the food, that it would attract Bears and other animals.
About this time, it was beginning to reach early evening, David pulled out the sandwiches, some fruit, a bottle of Chardonnay, St. Michele of course and the two lay back, enjoying a meal together. The air was getting a bit brisk and David of course had been thoughtful and brought a blanket, the sandwiches were very satisfying but Beth began to wonder, just what David had planned. As they finished eating, the two laid back, cuddling together, it was soon sunset, the sky was live with colors and the two relaxed enjoying the raw majesty of nature. By this time, two were embraced, holding each other, cuddling, kissing, relaxing, Beth smiled, looked at David, telling him thanks for the massage last night but now it was his turn. She slid his t-shirt off, then reached down, she removed his shoes, socks, finally, sliding off his shorts, taking him down to his blue briefs only, she loved seeing his manhood fully erect, she slid her fingers over the waistband, sliding them off, his manhood coming to full attention, she kissed the tip before standing up and sliding off her t-shirt, tossing off her bra, sliding off her shorts and shoes, leaving only her lacey blue panties on. David sat up, then went into a kneeling stance, kissing her crotch, licking them a bit, then using both his tongue and fingers to slide of her panties, exposing her beautiful rose, finally, he could please her, he desires so much to eat her and began by kissing her rose, then sucked in deep, pulling her rose to the surface with his mouth. She smiled, put her hands on his shoulders and gently directed him downward, soon, he was laying on his back, looking up are her smiling face, she rolled him over, admiring his body, his shape, his form, smell, his *** was even cute. She straddled his waist and began to caress and massage his shoulders, she could feel the tension in his body and he was enjoying every moment, melting away as she touched him. Her hands were firm, strong, but yet so soft, sliding down his back, making their way to his waistline, she slid down a bit, began caressing his *** cheeks, she loved the feel of them, fitting perfectly in her hand. Then the surprise came, she rolled him over, leaning up, kissing him, then massaging his chest, going down a bit further, finally to his legs, moving her way upward, her hands sliding between his legs, rubbing his thighs and finally fingering behind his balls a bit, then putting them in her hand, she squeezed them, rubbing them before kissing his manhood, rolling her tongue around the tip and swallowing it whole, up and down the shaft, she could taste his pre ***, it was so sweet, creamy, David always tasted so good to her. She then slid back up, and then lay next to David, it was getting dark, and she didn’t want this night to end. David leaned over, lit two small candles, the two kissed, embraced and then some more fun started. David opened up the container of strawberries, he first hand fed one to Beth before taking another, sliding it between her legs, coating it with Beth’s juices and then wrapping it around his lips, enjoying the sweet cream on the strawberry, this continued several times and Beth and David were both building up with excitement. She glanced over, saw the other tub, laughing she said, “Oh, I see we have pineapple rings again!” She sat up and began to toss a couple of rings over his manhood, missing the first few times but finally, hooking them nicely. She slid her mouth down once again, getting David close to the point of exploding, then pulling up, she slid off the pineapple rings, putting them in her mouth, erotically letting them slide in, all while driving David completely nuts. She then climbed back on top, turning around, she began to lower her womanhood onto David’s face, she knew how much he loved to taste her and she began to grind him, allowing him to bring her to the point of ******. By this time, it was completely dark, Beth could see the stars, she loved them, David of course, was looking at how own star, Beth’s soft *** cheeks, her beautiful rose, She sat back, grinding a bit more, spreading her *** a bit, then lowering it on to David’s face, all while telling him how beautiful the stars were and enjoying David’s tongue deep inside her rose. After a while, she of course slid off, then climbing on David, she straddled his manhood, sliding in deep inside her. David so loved the warmth and the tingle he experienced. The two pounding hard together until they reached the point of climax. Afterwards, they lay together, looking up at the stars, you could hear the crickets slightly singing in the distance, the night was incredible. About an hour later, the two got dressed, packed up and headed home, both laughing about what had just happened, making love outside was an incredible experience that neither of them had had before. The two then began to talk about the party at Joyce’s, what fun that would be.
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So nice, I honestly read this one twice. I think I need to take a break from reading this series.

Well, am touched how many you have read, you are quite the encourager

I love great work. Your writing skills and your ability to great detail is wonderful.

I am going to stand<br />
under a verrrry cold shower...

Thanks for making me smile and laugh with that comment today, thanks for taking time to read it.

awesome my friend

Thank you so much for commenting, so glad you loved this.

Very nice and erotic.

So glad you enjoyed it, thank you so much for stopping in and giving some feedback, appreciate it!