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Blame My Parents :)

While I was growing up I often saw Dad bring Mom flowers or a cheesecake for no reason but to see her face light up. And that would make him happy.
Mom would do the same to Dad be it a note she'd slip in his lunch or one of his favorite desserts which he'd reluctantly share with me and my two brothers knowing he couldn't eat it all.

And that's what I'd do to the woman in my life. Do things like flowers or a card for no reason but to see her happy. And that would make me happy.

Some might say that should be done anyway but is it really? I don't know. But I'd do it.
shoreguyct shoreguyct 46-50, M 5 Responses Sep 2, 2012

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Way to go shore guy. I do that for my GF all the time just to see her face light up and smile.

We were in Miami having Bfast when the "rose" guy came by. Not one guy bought a rose for his gal. I paid the $5 and gave her the rose. Everyone else felt so bad after I did that. Too bad guys, show your significant other they are special to you.

Chivalry is not dead :) You should be very proud that your folks did that - mine do the same as well. Your story reminded me of that AT&T commercial about the videos lol "Don't watch this on the plane *wink*" hahahahahaaha

How sweet. You will make some lucky woman very happy. :)

What I would give to have a relationship like that. Instead I was stuck with a cactus for a partner for 7years. Romance , it is the just because and the little moments that make both people feel loved, thought about and cared about,it builds more intimacy ,trust and confidence in the relationship and the individuals.

what can i say other then that was old school not they do nothing but fight and yell and hit<br />
<br />
not like when my wife was alive and we did silly thigs every day to surprize the other

Yes, it does but you have to also have respect.

We expected each other but we also had the respect of her mother and grandparents, and we in return very much respected them and their wishes and even to this day I do my best to live my life by how they taught me to live at 12 years old when they gave me a new home.
I am sure we shocked them a few times as we grew up with each other but they never once refused to answer anything we ask even question most parents would have walked away from but they also they always were looking at a way to expanded our knowledge and interest along with others in our group of young adults.