A Poem About Soulmates Doomed To Be Appart

We lived together as a past life...
the story no one would believe
i was your lover
you were my kin and guardian
the story's too unreal
a dream i wish were lucid
but too deep
must i go 'insane' in myself
and evil live to junderstand
my yeternights with you, EVE? Romeo?

How much longer can I wait?
I killed myself and waited
for the time to pass the gates
from Hell to Hell on Earth
for Hell's when I can't be with my only Soulmate
When I can't even be with myself any longer
for I LOST my self in you

My heart had broken, yet i healed it
i healed it by crucifixtion of my hope
i crucified myself in a black bride's dress and white deathrobe
For I married Azrael so He could dance me to You

On August 31st, 2012, I was called by you
Yet you shun me;
is it my darkness youfear?

I sacrificed my soul, heart, everything to kill love
I killed love in the name of beauty as imagination
FOr freedom to

Am I good? Am I evil?
I only wish to love my true soulmate
I am nothing
I learned that when i stopped asking and started seeking
But it ails me to know myself from my past life
and See you, departed, forever, from my heART?

No one believes me
No one could care
for the human race lost the war
and now
I stand here in my dungeon of romance and lust and desire forgotten
calling to Venus
When will the tides rise high?
Let the candles light up the sky, for we're insects
Born to crawl, fly in the Nights
Beauty is myself and i've found myself
In you, My Wolf/Shaman/over
I seek wisdom; for I fear you
My alpha
Let me shapeshift to your witt
give me your intelligence
taunt me with your hisses and bites

I am a monsterous beauty
If beauty is in the eyez of the beholder
then I am Abzu
The one that created it
And(THEN) you, my Lover, Are the most beautyful

Akausal Akausal
Sep 14, 2012