Romantic At Times But This Just Something

Each day is a struggle walking threw life as a ghost non existent to the world looking at woman and children seeing your face contemplating what could have been a family ..and good life fate  . So as time moves on the hands of time turn. I sink and fall with alot weight on my soul mind. as water is on a rock sinking,  that you threw into a pond never to be seen again .not knowing how dark it is or cold ,causing hurt.. I then realize. It is my fault.. the way I see it I'm like fallen angel I was all loving happy the light to even some and fell lost ability to keep u happy and made u hate me went in dark never came back.. I tried in rehab was clean 4 months and relapsed . Idk about you but, I believe in fait and and hope to see u again in next life with new start.. I ****** this one all up..well I lost almost everything my family split up,, cazzins ,dad, uncles,aunts , gone.. the only family I got is My best friend and his daughter as well as my mom and them all being so far it wasnt enough to keep me clean ..i tried well I'm send this caz very well may be last chance didn't want to go away without tell you the truth..I do remember you I forgot alot but remember alot aswell aspecially after talk with you bout Us..  I made 2 mistakes biggest was lose you second one was lil bit ago I entered the fantom doors to hell and there calling my name.. if I can some how resist the call And stick around I'll try to resist ever talking bout u or msg u fer rest my life ..weird thing is I really do want to but I  know it not good plus you don't want me 2 ..I'm sorry .. I love you always 

Look up..  Aviation :you were my everything ....YouTube 

I wish that being sweetheart and loving loyal good guy was enough got down one knee Valentines day and everything perfect .every Gf since doesn't know first thing bout relationship and I'll never touch your skin again with my fingertips or the heat of your lips I tried to die lots time ****..
AngelTrey AngelTrey
22-25, M
Sep 15, 2012