Never Underestimate A Man Or A Woman

People truly dont give women enough credit sometimes..
You see.. Men are built with muscles and naturally stronger builds.. A woman faces the persecution of men, and the stereotype of being weak, they fight hard and make it through, they have more to prove, and have to earn more respect than a man.. A woman fights harder for what us men take for granted.. I have also noticed that men give up more easy than woman do, Their will and determination are a strength through the impossible, that many underrate and abuse, Woman deserve respect, For their small builds, softer skin and mistreatment in society.. For being so small in this world, woman fight like giants.. That Alone is amazing to me.. Respect your woman, Because there is much they battle that men fail to understand.. A woman fights hard to be beautiful, as men fail to pay attention, As mysterious woman may be to us men, and vice versa.. Woman battle many things men could not understand, and I see that.. I do not have the mentality of a woman, so It is hard to really go deep.. But i do know many men underrate woman's battles.. Again, respect her...

As for men.. Men must stand in this world strong, because it is expected of them.. As men stand raised to be alpha, pressured by society and even woman.. A true man makes the choices his wife can not make, because though we have a heart, we must do what is good for our family.. men are persecuted for these choices, for we are forced to make cold decisions.. Us men must stand strong, even when were weak, fight strong when we know we will be beaten, we must strive forward and walk through lava when we know it is foolish.. A true man lowers his pride for a woman, Cry for his woman.. Even at worst times, he must Hurt and show no pain nor emotion for his woman to let her believe everything will be okay.. Pride is everything to a man, a man does not give his pride lightly.. A man provides and works his entire life for the sake of his family.. It may see like nothing to woman, but everytime a man, holds the door for you, pulls your chair back, walks miles to hand you a flower.. Deals with your very intimidating dad.. He has done this for you, he has lowered his pride.. When a man cries, he has lowered his strength.. Think about these things.. Respect your man ladies.

If a man does not respect your battles ladies, he is not a real man.. Find one...

Men.. If A woman does not respect your battles.. Find a real woman..

Don't take anyone for granted
ShallowDreamers ShallowDreamers
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1 Response Sep 20, 2012

Beautifully written! We, as two completely different genders, do need to spend more time considering and respecting the struggles/battles of the other.