This One,,for The Girl That Gave Meaning To My Life

Ur each look is stunning
Each look is melting
Each sigh is ecstasy
Each word is like a precious jewel
Each touch is shuddering
Each kiss is electric
I love ur sans make up face
I love it when I see u in ur nightshirt
As the night gets deeper
Our talks get closer
Ur eyes get shinier
Ur skin becomes divine
U start comin into ur own
And gimme that Godess’s look of urs
I love to see u sleepin
I love to c u wakin up in the morning
I love the ur then messy hair
I love ur scent then
I love ur natural aroma then
Ur morning body outshines the golden sun
Ur eyes make me intoxicated there and then
Ohhhhhhhhhhh,,ur God’s most amazing creation

Ur so pure
So intoxicating
So alluring
So gentle
Ur just so different
Ur just so special
U make me feel like anything’s possible
U make me feel like life’s worth it
Ur my queen
Ur my secret special one
No-one will ever understand ur love,,the way we feel for each other
But it’s only u that matter to me
Just ur sole,,just ur console
This is only for u sweetie, ,,i've realized that ur made for someone else,,but u'll be in my heart forever,,,,,,,

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2 Responses Sep 24, 2012 love someone see what is really there....I think I just realized how much she meant...obviously all encompassing. *sigh*

I know man :/

That is amazing , She is a very lucky girl to have your love and devotion. I do understand . i cherish your life and love.