This Is Somewhat Good Somewhat Bad

It feels great to have these  deep feelings for someone .But its also  a bad thing because your expectations are high ...  there has to be a healthy medium between the two
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I definitely agree. I fell in love with someone about 8 years ago and still have feelings for her. I'm still guaranteed to see her at least twice a week between church on Sunday and choir rehearsal. Most of the time I do ok with keeping my feelings surpressed but every once in a while it can be challenging. This is the female who I thought would birth my children. She's a sweetheart but not my sweetheart, I "think" I'm finally excepting that we are not a good match but there's great consolation in my exceptance

expectations are the wishes of a wanting soul....a loving soul gives first.

Reminds me of The Great Gatsby. I agree with you, but it never hurts to love them anyway<3

yeah, i think its really hard not to expect something from someone you love ...<br />
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but it would be much better if you just let the person you care about, love you the way they love you..

It's not always that easy. When you really care about someone, and then you're expectations are let down, it can really be crippling. You can't really think about anything else, just all the "wasted potential".

Perhaps the trick is to not be disappointed when expectations are not met, but to focus on all the things you *didn't* expect that are wonderful and surprising and perhaps, in their own way even better. Romance is a guide, and a spirit, and a passion, after all. Not a series of itemised expectations, as far as I understand it! :D