New Heights

I was just browsing through some romantic pics when i encountered a n.u.d.e. pic of a girl.Now why m i sharing this with all of u is to ask u if there were feelings in ur heart other than lust when u saw a n.u.d.e. girl the last time.It's happened to me.Strangely enough she looked cute,adorable and loving to me and not sexy or lusty.I wanted to go upto her,hold her hands,,softly caress her body,then cover her up with the most feminine and elegant dress ever,kiss her on the cheek and tell her how perfect she is. This is weird.But i liked what i felt.I m glad that i m finally gettin to a level that surpasses lust and where there is only love,care,appreciation and a need to provide emotional companionship and comfort.
Thanks for readin this....
Please let me know if u have smthin to say.....
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8 Responses Oct 21, 2012

you know what! girls are so much hotter with their cloths on :)

Thats really sweet <3 you dont find guys that would feel that way when looking at a naked girl.your special. =)


Not too many guys are like you. You are a rare kind. Many of the guys, including my husband, could learn a lot from you. Whoever you end up with will be one lucky girl.

You're welcome. Just by being you is more important than all the thank yous in the world. You are probably one of the sweetest guys that I don't know very well. I can't even say that for people I've known for years. So just stay true because, honestly, that's what people really love when they meet new friends.

Straight from the < beautiful!!!

Yes, I have something to say. Why couldn't you be, at least, 50? ;)

That is beyond sweet I can tell yous make any woman very happy

That is a wonderful thing to hear. I thought all the guys who thought that way were extinct (especially in your age group) Ladies, let's give a round of applause for a true romantic <3