I Did Find Her But I Wasn "the One" For Her..so I'll Say...

I want a girl who’s shy. One that I can spoil and cuddle and be dirty with. One that is also willing to take charge sometimes and get what she wants but allows me to teach her everything. She’s fun loving but relaxed and likes to sit around and read. The kind that can be weird. I won’t make fun of the weirdness, only add to it. She’d get surprise hugs and gifts, neck and forehead kisses, romantic dinners and nice beer and wines, goofy faces and raspberries on her belly, pillow fights and blanket forts. There is just so much that I want to give. I want to give it all. But I have yet to find that special someone…
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6 Responses Nov 23, 2012

its beautiful, I wish u will find that lucky girl soon ^ ^

*Smiles* she's both closer and farther away than you think...

I wish i could be that gal it really sounds awesome. one day you will find her though.

ohh i dont know there is someone out there who will hold your heart and protect it. and will want to be and do the things you have said. how lucky she will be .

you will always be my sweetheart you have stolen a bit of my heart

well just keep being you

TrappedEchoes...sooo, y'all haven't found her yet, hmmm... just sooo sad... y'all looking for a "girl", not a woman, well, girls become women by high school, thus y'all may have to look for younger, yet that would be criminal... one that y'all can "spoil", yet be "dirty with"... a girl with just sooo much innocense, who somehow, knows just how "to take charge", yet y'all wish "to teach her everything"... am smiling here, trying not to laugh, trying to be respectful, for i love men... yet y'all's phrases just contradict, just sooo much, that it comes across, to this woman, as being disrespectful, something that, even a young woman just won't put up with... TrappedEchoes, y'all sound like a guy, of whom, could be fun to be with, if only he'd be more sincere... look that word, "sincere", up in the dictionary, then rephrase and bring y'all's quest back to us, to review and help y'all reach that goal... and nooo, i'm too old and experienced... have a great day!

TrappedEchoes... "fun to get dirty with someone who's innocent", yet then "guys are known to cheat", sooo once she's nooo longer just sooo innocent, y'all will drop her, for another, for which, how would this possibly be appealing to her, for she would have given up her innocence with a man who has just nooo intention whatsoever to stay with her... then y'all suggest that "guys are known to cheat (mostly)", goodness gracious, if y'all really believe that, then just how are y'all ever going to develop a lasting relationship, suggesting that y'all just can't help it, just the way you are, of which appears to be rather immature and not at all sounding as if y'all really have all that much experience with women... now, for dealing with men like this, i've had my share, for lots of men out there, even much older men, who had been married with children, still act like irresponsible boys... per laughing, i laugh to myself, for i'd never laugh at him, though would laugh with him, for i respect men, at least i feel that i should, not just that he'd earn it, yet rather i'd want him to insist that i respect him, for how he treats me and that he has chosen to share his life with me for who i am... per age, agree it can be just a number, though that depends more with how he handles himself, what he does, what he says is important to him, the words he chooses to speak and how those words are spoken, then his body language too and of course, how he treats a lady... myself, i'd date a younger man, though he'd have to be more experienced with women, knowing just what all that he wants, he's direct, to the point, isn't shy to say it, nor to encourage me...

trappedEchoes... not offended... just trying to help ya... to me, it's sad that some guys, with such great potential and y'all really do have it, for y'all appear to sense, some of the things that women, find appealing, yet perhaps that physical drive is just overpowering y'all's emotional needs, to where, what you present, just doesn't come across all that well... ((trappedEchoes)) have a great life!...

I'm that except the reading part. I HATE READING! Oh except for the Hunger Games series, Icefall, Siberia, Seekers and......stuuf

Thanx! :-D


that is perfect everything I wish a boy would give to me this is very sweet.I like it alot also :)

heh thank you but i have found him he really completes me ^^