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Forever And Ever And Ever......

A little boy and girl are in love, he writes on a card saying he will love her forever and ever and ever....
She takes the card and smiles so sweetly, this is the innocence of love.

The boy is now in High School and the girl has moved away, yet another has taken the little girls place.
This one to has a pretty face and he buys her chocolates and roses and swears his undying love.

The boy has now become a man and the new lady in his life recieves a diamond.
He puts in on her finger and vows to be true if she becomes his wife.
She says yes and they begin to live a new adventure, they are both sure it will last.

The man is now in his forties and alone once again, he walks into a store and sees the little girl he knew way back then.
He picks up a card and writes what he did before, he signs his name and takes it to the the clerk.

When she checks out the clerk gives it to her. A tear falls down her cheek as she looks around.....
"How long I have waited to see you again," she says.
"I have been waiting forever and ever and ever."
LadyLouisiana LadyLouisiana 56-60, F 3 Responses Nov 23, 2012

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very good story...and too some....a true story.....

thank You for sharing,


Very Sweet. Better that it happened late then not at all.

Well at least there are still alive m wife paid a great price she never came home from Viet Nam not all men are the same it just seems so many females prefer to pick the loser type.