Kay Jewelers Commercial

A couple is walking on the sidewalk, holding hands when she spots Kay Jewelers.

She pulls him towards the door. He says, "Wait, now we're just looking, right?"

She laughs, nods and pulls him inside.

She begins looking at rings. He picks up a little black box, takes out a lovely solitaire and slides it on the ring finger of her left hand.

She gasps with delight saying, "Look, it fits!"

He says, "That's because I already had it sized."

He lowers himself down on one knee and pops this question, "Will you marry me?"

She exclaims, "Yes!"

He rises and they kiss as "Every Kiss Begins With Kay" begins.

I said, "Awe, how sweet."

My boyfriend asks, "You think?"

I laughed.

I admit it wasn't great advertising, but I'm such a sucker for romance no matter how cheesy.

I truly believe my boyfriend is planning to pop the question to me soon. I don't know when or how he plans to do it.

I wonder if he'll go to Jared's.
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1 Response Nov 26, 2012

Is anyone else creeped out about the Kay's commercial where the mom's boyfriend gives her daughter a necklace? I'd grab my daughter and run!