Jealous Me

This may not be the appropriate place but.....

One mans trash is another mans treasure. It is so very true. I have been searching hi and low for something / someone to ease my soul. I have a friend on here who professed his love for a woman publicly and I'm pretty sure it didn't work out. I look back on it now and think wow! I want that. Someone to have the balls to write a story about me. Profess your heart and tendencies. How amazingly perfect is that?

Then I realize I'm jealous. I want what this woman has. Whatever power she possesses to make a man put his pride aside and take that leap.

This unnamed woman so careless to see. We all want romance. Love. Passion. You have this thrown on your lap and you do what???

Just crazy. I'm jealous. I can't help it. Some people just want more than possible......ummm wait. Am I one of those?
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I sometimes try to be romantic ..... Nah :) lets **** :)

Maybe its not jealousy as much as awakening desire

that was well wrote and said


Don't hold back tell me how you really feel! LOL

I should have extrapolated. I just meant, I understand where you are coming from. I am right there with you. Want a guy like that. wow...

It amazes me how people in general always chase what they cant have and dont appreciate what they do have (or could have). *SIGH*

Its okay to be jealous :D

I am a hopeless romantic. I pour my heart and soul into my relationship and did everything and more to show that girl what she meant to me. Everyone said the two of us were a fairy tale and meant to be. I believed this and had my heart crushed. After spending the best day of our entire relationship, I was broken up with without reason, and I am left to wonder what to do about it. Sadly, people out there do take good guys for granted and it makes me wonder, if I do everything right and do everything I can to make someone happy and still get crushed liked this, what hope is there for me?

I wish more people believe in love and would love romance and passion when it's right there for the taking. Sadly those people who offer it are usually overlooked.

Im not even sure what I would do with a little romance. Lol
It bothers me that ladies who have a good man and don't appreciate it.

Sometimes it takes losing it to realize what you had though. Tough life lessons

I don't care who you are. The isn't such a thing as " harmless flirting" . There is always a truth or a curiosity behind it.

You're not a sucker and for Gods sake don't change a thing!

By the way, Mr. dreamy can kiss my ***. Mr. Give a **** would do!

(Sorry for the language )

That is the truth. They don't appreciate it..don't understand what they have been given. Tis a gift they are offered. A true gift.

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