The Moment

It was the first time that that he had seen her without make up ,jewels and all those fancy clothes.
He had caught a glimpse of her as she came out of her house to water her plants in the garden.
It seemed like she had just gotten up from her sleep.
Her hair were all around over her face and neck..oh! her soft neck.
She was wearin a black tank top with light pink pjs
Lol! she still wears pjs?
But damn! how hot she looks in them.
Rather more cute or natural and even adorable..
Sun was makin her skin glow
and that made his eyes go blind!
But that blindness made him fall in love with her..
Yes,,that was the moment when he fell in love with her...
So pure,,so unadulterated just like the morning sun..
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1 Response Nov 28, 2012

Thaks for appreciating women in their natural state. I heard a man say, "Why do some people say women don't need makeup. Is it because they have never woke up next to one before?" That horrified me. I was a about 15 at the time, and I was already noticing how competitve women were for men's attention, but how men seemed to not care either way as long as you were a nice person. I was pursued quite an aweful lot cuz I didn't attract drama, and could just be friends and put no pressure on people to be a certian way. I'm glad I have been able to hold on to that aspect of my personality rather than to hook up with a man who thinks women should look sexy all the time. Sorry, public, but I'm not a ***** trying to make money or have sex based on how I look.