Still Dreaming...

I constantly read romance novels and everytime I do they sweep me into fantasyland.

Where I believe that my Prince Charming (or Prince Dom...) will pop out of nowhere, look at me and know that he wants ME forever and that NO ONE else can have me, and sweep me off my feet. He will make me his world and I will make him mine. He will be honest, loyal, trustworthy, thoughtful, understanding, non-judgemental, hard working, and dominant, of course. He'll look at me like no other man has before; like he can actually SEE me and who I am.

But, I feel like I will never find that. I will never bump into my Prince Charming and be swept of my feet. It seems too unrealistic...

"I thinnk you're a hopeless romantic who's discovered that romance is hopeless."
JeTadoreCherie JeTadoreCherie
22-25, F
Nov 28, 2012