Girl..m Gonna...

Pack your bags
m gonna take u away girl
Make it fast
m standin right in the street corner
Let's go away where no one knows us
Let's go away where there are no stupid rules
Let's go away where only our love resides
Girl.m gonna make all ur dreams come true
Girl m gonna be with you with you with you
Girl m gonna take "us" to the heights of glory
coz we'll be re-writing the history as never before
You and me
Me and you
We're like best friends
We're more than just friends
We're like an angelic pair
and there is no fear no despair
Girls i trust you so much
i can't help but fuel my crush
The day i saw you for the first time
i got high ...high?....highest.....!!!!
Girl u bring me luck
Girl u bring me my lost-self
The character that was believed to be buried under the tragedies of time
The character that was taken to be dead...
Each word you say is so comforting
Each sigh you take is breathtaking
I just can't believe my luck girl
that you are..yes you are my girl!!!!!!!
I wanna take you with me
coz i wanna take care of you
coz i wanna make you feel special
i wanna tell you how good you are
i wanna show you what all you deserve
I already have taken all your troubles over me
I pray everyday they all face me
M gonna stand strong and protect you
coz i love you love you love you
Girl i wanna make life perfect
coz u deserve nothin but
Girl i know m not perfect
M not even close to it
but m gonna be a lot better
but only if we can be together
I feel the life with you
like it's really worth living
Like the colors really do exist
Like the smiles really affect our hearts
Like our breaths go on for a reason
You love so deeply
that it seems unfair
to all of the creatures on the planet
have never had the chance to experience
such depth before
So i will write
and write
and write
and write
about how much i really miss you
until i don't miss you anymore
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4 Responses Nov 29, 2012

To whoever she is, ..maybe.. shes so lucky. 㡣

=) This is wonderful,Echo <3

Great read thanks!


Since when are thoughts and emotions organized? and you are welcome soooooo much!:)

i know i am lol :) and i was just being silly haha