Rick And Julie -part 2

The invitation was too inviting really to be ignored.I returned a smile of my own(not that magical as her’s) in response to her’s.I sat alongside her.I then buried my hands into the bag of chips and pretended to be concentrating on the movie rather than her.Every other moment, our hands would touch each other’s and she shuddered each time.I could not help but laugh in a silly manner after which I finally asked her if she wanted a separate bag of chips.Julie just did not say anything but smiled at me tryin to re-assure that I wasn’t makin her uncomfortable,hell she was makin me so!I tried hard to concentrate on the Drew Barrymore movie but just could not.After about half an hour,Julie started tilting on to my side and placed her left cheek upon my shoulder.The touch,her touch felt so warm and comforting and inviting.I was happy to see her being comfortable with myself being so close to her. I looked at her face and she seemed really focused on the movie.But just about fifteen minutes later she was fast asleep on my shoulder.I wanted to wake her up and make her go to the bed but she was just an extremely adorable thing that looked even more so while asleep,so I just could not wake her up from her sleep.She looked so peaceful.I got up as quietly as possible,picked her petite frame up in my arms and led her to my sister’s empty room.She would not be back until Sunday evening.She was just so small that she looked like a baby as I covered her up with the blanket.I don’t know why but my eyes were damp at that moment.I switched off the light and turned on the night lamp.Then,as I was about to leave I hear the faintest of whispers callin my name.Rick? Her voice got a bit louder this time..”Yeah?” I said clumsily…”Thankyou..thank you for everything” . “Thankyou from saving me from that animal.”
I smiled coz I just could not form words. “No probs” is all I said.I kissed her cheek and told her to go to sleep. “Rick?” . “yeah?” “umm ..aa..could I …could you …I mean would you lay down with me just for sometime so that I can sleep?” Again..i could not say anything but smile…
“Just a sec. sweetie”.
I ran out of the room,switched off the TV and lights and took a quick shower coz I wanted to smell good.
As I entered the room,Julie had her back leaned against the wall and with eyes closed.
“July? Umm I think it might be a little uncomfortable for me sharin a bed with you in my sister’s room.We better get the hell outta here and get into my room”.July giggled like a little girl.I was so relieved to see her carefree again after that incident.I led July into my room.She was a little scared getting in but I was firm in my mind to keep a control over my physical urges but with Julie it was always more of an emotional connection rather than a physical one.We got into my bed and I pulled th sheets over us.Julie rested on my shoulder and chest while I played with her soft brown hair.She fell asleep rather quick.But I could not coz I was worried about makin arrangements for her stay coz now she doesn’t have any place to stay since she broke up with her bf.
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I wish their was more. The animal of a bf sounds like what i have been dealing with abuse iss no fun. Your so talented and make me wish i was julie and had a rick.