Rick And Julie - Part 1

Hey everyone,,,,what up? ,,just thought of startin a fiction series.Mostly it's fiction but definitely some feelings,attitudes and incidences will be my own too.will be updating it whenever i can.Hope u like it,,,,,,,,,,,,,

As I went down the hallway I heard the sound of TV.
There she was all cuddled up in the loveseat.Well, it was more than enough to contain her petite body.
As I went closer from the side, I saw that she was wearing a black denim capris and pink tank top with a photo of micky and minie mouse.Hmm,,she was still a kid and maybe that was one of the reasons that I found her extremely adorable.Her clothes fit her just the right way as if she was dressed just for me.Even in that casual attire she looked the most wonderful and cutest thing I’d ever seen.I cleared my throat to announce my arrival.She turned towards me and gave her cutest smile.Her green eyes sparkled in the dimly lit room.Her face had the lightest of make ups on.Her lips wore a light,very light pink lipstick.She got up,cleared the bits of pizza from her top ,rolled aside and tapped near her side inviting me to share the loveseat with her.
Some Background-
It was a week earlier when I had saved her from her rash boyfriend who was getting rough with her against her will.Normally I don’t poke my nose into others’ matters but Julie’s teary green eyes had me beating the hell out of her boyfriend.I had seen her many times in the campus but never really paid attention.Yes,she took my breath away when I saw her for the first time but I decided to get over her once I knew that she had a boyfriend.Well,later that night Julie and her two friends came to my house and left a bouquet and a thank u note while I was still in the gym busting my *** lifting weights.Goin to the gym daily and huffin and puffin with weights had given me a source to let out my anger and frustration.After reachin home ,mum told me about Julie and the bouquet .She told that some girls from my college had come and given that bouquet but hadn’t told the reason.Well,I knew it.It was Saturday night then.I could barely wait for Monday so that I could get to talk to Julie.Monday morning ,as I got out of the parking area ,Julie stood before me with confused eyes.That brings us here tonight when I ve got Julie over at my place.We’ve got the place to ourselves coz mum and dad are out for the weekend vacation while the radio( my elder sister) is out on her uni tour.
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Nov 29, 2012