That Kind Of Kiss

The reason I am a hopeless romantic is because of the kiss; that "perfect" kiss. The one that can be totally wrong, at the wrong place and time, yet stops everything; the world and its time. The poets talk about passion and romance. I can get lost forever after a kiss in a day dream where I read the poets and hum softly to myself because of the one thing I shared with just that one person that no one else could even begin to understand. Romance, to me, is not the setting, and doesn't have to be about the words. It's not about lookin' good, but it is about chemistry; kissing 'till the sun comes up and enjoying every minute.
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2 Responses Dec 4, 2012

I agree

I'll buy the chemistry part. On our first date, I took my wife to be out on a summer afternoon for a burger and a beer. Met her at our church community garden. She was in the middle of reparing a rototiller. Went to my favorite Oregon Pub. After a pint and burger and conversation, headed back to vehicle to take her back to the garden. Our first kiss was standing beside my pickup in the parking lot in the shade. It was magical. Some 15 years later, we still go to the pub, and when we are leaving, have the kiss. Sometimes even try to park in the same slot, so shade and everything is right.

thats awesome :] and romantic