Men Are Not Mere Prizes

heard of manhunt?
sounds like that,

i haven't really figured out how a man would feel if he was in a big room, surrounded by girls--however he wants these girls to appear, and being bought at a price.

the price of make-ups, price of few drinks, and most especially the price of time.

i think men just like women , also want someone to spend their wonderful life with forgetting all the drama and just focusing on how, and on what way they can make the love of his life happy.

men want to be pampered too.
they want hugs out of love, and kisses out of romance.

they want attention.
they want attention.
yes, they want a WOMAN's attention, not merely to get an erection :P,
hahah, much much more than that, i suppose.

I have had few men in my life, my dad, my brothers, and my few buddies.

i have based my perspective on how to treat other men, just as how i would treat the few men in my life. . it has to be rewarding., totally rewarding.

as for the one i long about,

hopefully we'll meet soon,
i keep a notebook just for you.
wait till you see it.
and know how much i yearn for that very special moment.

also, you're not a mere prize,
you're much more than that,
you'll be my other half.


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6 Responses Dec 7, 2012

Made me smile, thanks :)
go get em!

I think it's a fine line, often times the nicer of a person of either sex, are more concerned with a lack of offending and okay with taking a more tactful route of making sure that it's best for both parties and not just a selfish gain to pursue a relationship or sex. This being said, often time's it comes off as a lack of interest. Lack of interests = fear of failure to the opposite party and a shared concern with losing something good. Thus the friendship zone is the most likely and suitable place until someone is truly settled with there life. Just perspective, would you say, plausible for the greater majority?

Speaking from personal experience is all ^.^''

haha, most likely help you find the man of your dreams, envy the relationship, then bump up my standards and look for the same elsewhere. It's like a wagering game where you are at a table, and you have 1 of 2 options. Take one slice, and remain as one piece which completes the whole, or option to take the whole and nothing will remain to return to.

This is such a sweet little post Gayle!
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Nice one.

Yeah and then I was like "I should see this persons profile and like comment on things:D" I hoe I'm not intruding lol

lol I'm not sure, just you have the name you have and well math so I doubt you're boring, well no one is, I'm confusing and ramble lol

lol you're like my friend confused if it's not full she's so idk so many thoughts going through her mind. I was saying, this person on here who seems cool said I was "adorable" and it upset me I am trying my best I'm not weak like an adorable thing. And advice?

Lol great point:D I was so angry then for no reason lol (I think of adorable as pointless or something:/ or thought of it that way.) Thank you:D And I try to be but just the whole thing threw me lol

And I might have been one time but I was really only the loner(bullies and whatever, like I have friends now but idk they like me, I like me, all that really matters:D

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I hate the word cute, that guy. Nevermind. Wonderful story:D I hope my..... sons wife will be like that:D I wanted to thing daughter but well my sister........ so annoying sometimes.