There i was
Lying with her on the grass
Our hands fit so nicely into each other's
We look at the clouds above us forming different shapes
U try n make silly things outta them
I can't help but adore you ,your thoughts,,your giggles.
You continue to play with my hand and laugh at the weird cloud shapes above us
I realize the immense value of the moment
I look at you
My lips are just half an inch away from yours
My breath is fallin on you angelic face
I raise my hand and put that strand of brown hair behind your ear
I look deeply into your soulful eyes
I kiss your forehead
I kiss your cheeks
And i tell you how beautiful you are
and how lucky i m to have you
and how perfect we look together
We just share our lives so well
as though God made us keepin each other in mind
My eyes start to show my emotions
So i retreat and lay back starin plainly now at the clouds
those clouds that earlier seemed to form every sort of shape possible
but now i can't see anythin but plain blue everywhere..
You turn towards me
Take my face in your soft hands
and kiss my lips
I close my eyes and m in utter bliss
Now you withdraw and play with my hair
I see the same emotions in your eyes as well
You kiss my eyes and forehead and go back to giggling at the clouds
I hold ur hand even tighter
Tellin u that i won't let u go
and that ur mine for good.
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Dec 8, 2012