When You Get Up..

Hey girl
let me tell you
when u get up in the morning,
how angelic your face looks
how kissable your lips are
how much glowing your body is
That black night shirt on your pale body
takes my breath away
Those dirty blonde hair curled up around your face
show how peacefully you slept in my arms the last night
That sexy morning voice has me trippin
Those smooth n lusciously lovely legs of yours wrapped around mine
how inviting they look
The lace of your black night shirt that tickles your thighs
has me contented considering i put it on you after we looked
in each others' eyes with a look of eternal emotional satisfaction
Those hands of yours caressing the back of my head,
they make me ready for the day
they make me realize that i m cared for
they make me feel the urge to come back to you
each evening ,every night ,all life long
That ring on your finger makes me realize
that you wear me on yourself
like u got ME wrapped around it
That's a gift of utter bliss that i will enjoy throughout my life
throughout our lives
The look in your still sleepy eyes that are half open and half shut
It assures me that you are mine
and you are mine for good
It tells me that you want me
you want me every day ,every night,every moment and all life
Your cheeks,oh....*deep sigh*
They tell me about the freshness that we have in our togetherness
and that freshness is here to stay afresh...
You complete me ....
and i complete you..
You belong to me...
i found you by chance
I earned you very hard
I m not gonna let you go
I m not gonna let "us" be "you" and "me" everrrrr......
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Dec 8, 2012